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  1. TUCANO - Metal Folio Case for iPad mini - Space Gray

    Model: IPDM6MT-SG
    SKU: 6506708

    Not Yet Reviewed

  2. New!Native Union - Folio for 11" iPad - Black

    Model: FOLIO-BLK-11
    SKU: 6555722

    Not Yet Reviewed

  3. STM - Half Shell Case for Apple® iPad® 10.2" (9th/8th/7th Generation)

    Model: STM-222-280JU-01
    SKU: 6395476
  4. SaharaCase - Keyboard Case for Apple® iPad® 10.2" (8th Generation 2020) and (9th Generation 2021) - Black

    Model: SC-CK-A-PD-10.2
    SKU: 6409905
  5. iPort - CONNECT PRO CASE AIR 11 BLACK - Case for Apple iPad 10.9 (4th, 5th Gen), Apple iPad Pro 11 (3rd, 4th Gen) (Each) - Black

    Model: 72324
    SKU: 6529877

    Not Yet Reviewed

  6. STM - Dux Plus Case for Apple® iPad® Pro 12.9" (3rd Generation 2018) - Red

    Model: STM-222-197L-02
    SKU: 6359549
  7. SaharaCase - Defence Series Case for Apple iPad 10.9" (10th Generation 2022) - Black

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  9. iPort - CONNECT PRO CASE MINI 6 GEN WHITE - CONNECT PRO Case for Apple iPad Mini (6 Gen) (Each) - White

    Model: 72330
    SKU: 6529858

    Not Yet Reviewed

  10. SaharaCase - PROTECTION Case for Apple iPad Air 10.9" (4th Generation 2020 and 5th Generation 2022) - Black

    Model: SB-A-IPD-10.8-HD
    SKU: 6429124
  11. SaharaCase - Keyboard Folio Case for Apple iPad Pro 11" (2nd, 3rd, and 4th Gen 2020-2022) - Black

    Model: SB-A-IPD11-KB
    SKU: 6429252
  12. STM - Dux Folio Case for Apple® iPad® mini (5th Generation) and iPad® mini 4 - Black

    Model: STM-222-160GY-01
    SKU: 6359572
  13. SaharaCase - Monkey KidProof Case for Apple® iPad® Air 10.9" (4th Generation 2020 and 5th Generation 2022) - Pink

    Model: SB-A-IP10.8-KD-B
    SKU: 6429257
  14. SaharaCase - Defence Series Case for Apple iPad mini (6th Generation 2021) - Black

    Model: TB00055
    SKU: 6456550
  15. SaharaCase - Magnetic Series Folio Case for Apple® iPad® Air 10.9" (4th Gen and 5th Gen 2022) - Black

  16. SaharaCase - Teddy Bear KidProof Case for Apple iPad mini (6th Generation 2021) - Blue

    Model: TB00059
    SKU: 6456537
  17. SaharaCase - Custom Design Smart Folio Case for Apple® iPad® Pro 12.9" (4th, 5th and 6th Gen 2020-2022) - White Marble

    White Marble
    Model: SC-FL-AIP-12.9C
    SKU: 6332675
  18. SaharaCase - ESR Folio Case for Apple iPad mini (6th Generation 2021) - Black

    Model: TB00041
    SKU: 6456481
  19. SaharaCase - Water-Resistant Case for Apple iPad Mini (6th Generation 2021) - Black

Buying an iPad case.

Protect your device with an iPad cover.

It only takes one accident to damage an iPad’s functionality or crack a screen. So, it’s important to take steps to protect your device. A cover will insulate your screen against damage while you transport your iPad, and a protective iPad case can add resistance to shock, dust, accidental spills and more. If you’re clumsy or travel a lot with your device, a shock-resistant iPad case is recommended, but a cover or classic iPad folio is a wise purchase even if you use your iPad mainly at your desk. iPad sleeves are also useful for transporting your iPad more securely.

Additionally, cover and case designs can contribute to the way you use your iPad. An iPad case with stand will help you prop up your iPad for ease of use. An attachable iPad keyboard case, which can come as part of iPad folios, will make typing on your iPad a breeze. And if you like the way your iPad looks as is, you could keep things simple with a clear iPad case that will protect your iPad without adding much bulk.

Choosing the best iPad case for you.

When you start browsing for the best iPad cases, decide what level of protection you want for your iPad. Do you need shock absorbency? What about water resistance? And consider the features you would like to have in your protective iPad case, such as a stand or keyboard. While shopping, you’ll also want to narrow your search to compatible designs. An iPad Air cover will be a different size from iPad Pro cases, and iPad mini cases will be completely incompatible with other models.

Your final choice comes down to aesthetics. A black case or cover can be practical and sleek, but you might feel that a blue iPad case better expresses your personality. If you often use your iPad for reading, you might also consider the benefits of adding an e-reader to your collection. These are lighter and smaller, making them easier to hold while enjoying a good book. Choosing between an e-reader and a tablet can be hard, so it’s nice to have both.

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