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  4. RØDE - NT1 Signature Series Studio Condenser Microphone

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Buying a Condenser Microphone

Condenser Mic: What It Is and How to Choose One

For recording, whether at home or in the studio, condenser microphones are the standard. Although dynamic microphones are more durable and have a brighter sound, condenser microphones are more sensitive and less noisy. Accordingly, they are the ideal device for picking up sound from voices or instruments during the recording process. If you are looking for the best condenser mic for your home studio, Best Buy features a great selection from many top brands.

Condenser mics, unlike dynamic mics, require an external power source. Without sufficient power, a condenser mic will sound muffled. Typically, condenser mics are powered through 48 volt phantom power, which is typically supplied through a mixer. We carry USB mixers and other digital mixers, as well as power amps, microphone cables, musical instrument cables, and other recording necessities.

Benefits of Recording with a USB Condenser Mic

When recording podcasts or basic home music recordings, you may want to get a USB condenser mic. These microphones are literally plug and play, and tend to be less expensive than other condenser microphones. If you use a laptop, smartphone or an iPad Pro to record, this device could be exactly what you need. For more complex recording setups, however, a USB condenser mic has real limitations. For example, if you are recording a full band in your studio, you will want a condenser mic that plugs into a mixer, not a tablet or computer.

Whatever type of condenser microphone you decide to get, think about getting music editing software as well. This type of software allows you to correct errors and improve your sound. Listen to your rough mixes through studio headphones to refine and enhance the sound. Whether you are updating or building a home recording studio or have simpler needs, Best Buy can help. 

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