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  1. JBL - Wireless Two Microphone System

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  2. Line 6 - XD-V35 Wireless Cardioid Vocal Microphone System

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Wireless microphones: Benefits and selection.

Why choose a wireless microphone system for live performances?

First and foremost, a wireless microphone system allows you freedom of movement in the performance space, unencumbered by cords, cables, and mic stands. With recent improvements in technology, wireless microphones are as dependable and effective as their wired counterparts. Consisting of a mic, a transmitter, and a receiver, wireless microphones are ideal for entertainers, presenters, pastors and other public speakers. With compatible microphone accessories, you can also use a wireless mic for iPhone or a tablet when you are live-streaming.

Depending on how you’ll be using your wireless microphone system, you may want the receiver to wirelessly connect to live sound speakers. You might also want to insert a PA or vocal mixer into the audio flow to allow for balancing, amplifying, processing, and otherwise mixing the audio signals. You can also choose a wireless microphone system with multiple channels to accommodate multiple cordless microphones and transmitters. Finally, you could decide to incorporate speaker monitors that will provide you with unadulterated playback, so you can hear yourself precisely and faithfully. 

Choosing the best wireless microphone for you.

Selecting the best wireless microphone can be a challenge. A good place to start is by determining what style of wireless mic you want. A handheld cordless microphone is effective for public speakers, lead vocalists, or in any situation where the wireless mic will be passed from person to person, Some podcasters choose wireless lavalier mics for when they broadcast from remoate locations, interview guests or for recording tracks outside a studio environment. Commonly referred to as a lav or a lapel, a wireless lavalier microphone is tiny, intended to be attached to clothing, with a transmitter in a body pack that clips easily to a pocket or belt. Headset wireless microphones consist of a headworn microphone connected to a bodypack transmitter. This style is ideal for dancers who also sing, drummers who need use of their hands, or for fitness or dance instructors. Whatever your specific needs entail, rely on Best Buy for your microphone and audio needs. 

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