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Buying a KitchenAid microwave.

Finding the right KitchenAid microwave for you.

Finding the best KitchenAid microwave for you starts with choosing the style of microwave you want. A KitchenAid countertop microwave is certainly the most fool-proof design because it requires no complicated installation. However, you might enjoy a KitchenAid over-the-range microwave, KitchenAid drawer microwave or a KitchenAid built-in microwave if you want to save counter space.

You will also want to consider the capacity of the microwave you need. What kind of dishes will you need to fit inside and how much space do you have for your new appliance? Always measure your available space and ensure that you have a convenient outlet at the microwave’s location.

Finally, look over features you might want to use. Microwaves can do a lot these days. If you want the capabilities of a convection oven but don’t have one, you can get a KitchenAid convection microwave! A sensor-cook microwave is also helpful for cooking your dishes to perfection.

Using a KitchenAid microwave.

When you are done choosing a microwave for your kitchen,  make sure you install it correctly. This isn’t hard if you’re bringing home a countertop microwave, but a KitchenAid wall microwave or an over-the-range microwave needs the right kind of support system. An over-the-range KitchenAid microwave oven also needs to be connected to your cooktop ventilation system. For help with this, don’t hesitate to contact Best Buy’s appliance delivery and installation team.

For smart microwaves, you will want to install an app on your phone or other device to control your new appliance remotely. You can also connect your smart microwave to a compatible smart home system and control it via a smart speaker or display.

Always use microwave-safe containers and dishware in your new KitchenAid microwave—and make sure you don’t accidentally put metal, such as a fork or spoon, inside.

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