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  1. Rossie Home - Media Bed Tray for 17.3" Laptop or Tablet - Bamboo Espresso

    Bamboo Espresso
    Model: 78112
    SKU: 6438406
    Your price for this item is $37.99
    The previous price was $39.99
  2. LapGear - Elevation Lap Desk for 15.6" Laptop - Gray Woodgrain

    Your price for this item is $39.99
  3. LapGear - Bamboo Lap Desk for 17.3" Laptop - Chesnut

    Model: 91692
    SKU: 6437352
    Your price for this item is $49.99
  4. LapGear - Designer Lap Desk for 15.6" Laptop - Medallion

    Model: 45425
    SKU: 6353481
    Your price for this item is $34.99
  5. LapGear - MyStyle Lap Desk for 15.6" Laptop - Big Ideas

    Your price for this item is $21.99
    The previous price was $24.99
  6. Mind Reader - Lap Desk Laptop Stand, Bed Tray, Dorm Room, Folding Legs, Rayon From Bamboo, 21.25"L x 13.19"W x 8.25"H - Brown

    SKU: 6505036
    Your price for this item is $29.99
    The previous price was $59.99
  7. Rossie Home - Acacia Easel Lap Desk with Storage for 15.6 Laptop - Natural

    Your price for this item is $79.99
  8. LapGear - Compact Lap Desk for 15" Laptop - Rose Quartz

    Rose Quartz
    Model: 43104
    SKU: 6197557
    Your price for this item is $9.99
  9. Mind Reader - Kids Lap Desk, Activity Tray, Drawing, Stackable, Portable, Plastic, 22.25"L x 10.75"W x 8.5"H, Set of 2 - Blue

    Model: 2KIDLAP-BLU
    SKU: 6533034

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $36.99
    The previous price was $57.99
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  11. LapGear - Heritage Lap Desk for 17.3" Laptop - Weathered White

    Your price for this item is $39.99
  12. Lap Pets - Lap Desk for 11.6" Laptop - Unicorn

    Your price for this item is $21.99
    The previous price was $24.99
  13. Victor - Portable Folding Acacia Wood Laptop Desk - Brown

    Model: DC075
    SKU: 6561940

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $74.99

Buying a lap desk.

Benefits of portable lap desks.

Many people can agree that taking a break from working at your regular desk is a welcome change of pace. However, not having a stable surface for your laptop can make it hard to type for several hours. Thanks to a portable lap desk, you can work comfortably from your bed, couch, the passenger seat of a car, or even in a separate workspace at your job. With a solid surface to write, craft, color, or compute on, you’ll have more stamina to make it through the workday, or the long drive. A laptop tray can help fend off back pain by providing an ergonomically friendly setup. Since a laptop tends to emit heat from the processor, a lap desk can insulate and protect your legs and allow the computer’s cooling fans to operate at the same time.

Besides work tasks, lap desks are also handy for leisure purposes. If you’ve ever experienced long road trips with your children, you know that keeping them occupied helps make the journey more enjoyable for everyone. Lap desks for kids are popular travel items because they make it easier to complete various activities such as drawing, playing games and eating snacks, while secured in their car seats. Plus, find lap desks with storage integrated to help corral crayons and small toys so you arrive back home without losing any treasures. Even adults who are trying to squeeze in work while traveling as passengers in cars appreciate having a cushioned lap desk with a flat surface to keep their device steady while they finish assignments.


Choosing the best lap desk for you. 

Before you start shopping, first determine where you’re going to use your lap desk to find the best one for your needs. The designs available at Best Buy range from basic lap desks that rest on your legs to more elaborate models with legs and special features. Some lap desks for beds can be adjusted to the right height to facilitate good posture and alleviate strain in your arms and wrists. This style also enables moving your laptop to the right angle to reduce glare. If you prefer using a wireless mouse over a trackpad for navigation, make sure that the laptop tray you choose is wide enough to accommodate a mouse pad. You can also select a lap desk with storage space and slots for specific items, like your tablet, smartphone, or coffee mug. Another reason you might want a larger lap desk is to have enough room for a notebook or other office supplies in addition to your laptop. Whether you want a soft, cushioned lap desk for kids or a laptop table for bed that can adjust to your preference, we can help you find the best lap desk for you with the right features for your purposes. 

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