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  1. Shure - VP83 LensHopper Camera-Mount Condenser Shotgun Microphone

  2. Saramonic - SmartMic UC Mini Ultra-Compact Condenser Microphone with USB-C for Smartphones, Tablets & Computers

    SKU: 6425410
  3. Sony - Alpha Digital XLR Adaptor Kit with Microphone

  4. BOYA - UHF Dual Channel Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Microphone System

    Model: BY-WM8-PRO-K1
    SKU: 6395270

    Not Yet Reviewed

  5. VocoPro - MIB-QUAD-8 COMBO

    Model: MIB-QUAD-8 COMBO
    SKU: 6438706
  6. New!Saramonic - Blink 500 ProX B2 2-Person Wireless 2.4GHz Clip-On Microphone System with Lavaliers

    Model: BLINK500PROXB2
    SKU: 6542187

    Not Yet Reviewed

  7. New!Saramonic - Blink 100 B2 Ultra-Portable 2-Person Clip-On Wireless Microphone System for Cameras & Mobile Devices

    Model: BLINK100B2
    SKU: 6542186

    Not Yet Reviewed

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  9. VocoPro - DIGITAL-Play-8

    Model: Digital-Play-8
    SKU: 6438710

    Not Yet Reviewed

  10. VocoPro - Digital-Acapella-8

    Model: Digital-Acapella-8
    SKU: 6438693

    Not Yet Reviewed

  11. New!Zoom - M3 MicTrak Shotgun Microphone & Recorder

    Model: M3
    SKU: 6540590

    Not Yet Reviewed

  12. New!Saramonic - Blink 100 B1 Ultra-Portable Clip-On Wireless Microphone System for Cameras & Mobile Devices

    Model: BLINK100B1
    SKU: 6544325

    Not Yet Reviewed

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