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  1. NewAir - 7500 CFM Pedestal Misting Fan with Adjustable Mist Settings - Black

    Model: NMF7K5BK00
    SKU: 6461551
    Your price for this item is $639.99
  2. Vornado - 9" Table Fan - Black

    Your price for this item is $64.99
  3. Sharper Image - SPIN 12 Oscillating Table Fan with Remote - Black

    Model: FA1-0123-06
    SKU: 6463537
    Your price for this item is $68.99
    The previous price was $79.99
  4. Vornado - Table Fan - Green

    Model: CR1-0389-17
    SKU: 6412278
    Your price for this item is $63.99
    The previous price was $69.99
  5. Vornado - Flippi V8 Oscillating Personal Air Circulator Fan - Black

    Model: CR1-0095-06
    SKU: 3154347
    Your price for this item is $26.99
    The previous price was $29.99
  6. NewAir - 12 inch 2-in-1 Air Circulator - White

    Model: NFN12AWH00
    SKU: 6539393
    Your price for this item is $49.99
  7. New!Windmill Smart Whisper-Quiet Air Circulator and Fan with 5 speeds and Remote - White - White

    Model: FC07W1
    SKU: 6580632

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $79.99
  8. NewAir - 4000 CFM 18" Outdoor High Velocity Wall Mounted Fan with 3 Fan Speeds and Adjustable Tilt Head - Black

    Model: NIF18WBK01
    SKU: 6412955
    Your price for this item is $87.99
    The previous price was $99.99
  9. Lasko - Portable Fan - Silver

    Your price for this item is $71.99
    The previous price was $89.99
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  11. Lasko - 16" Oscillating Wall Mount Fan with Anti-Rust Grills - Gray

    Your price for this item is $73.99
    The previous price was $79.99
  12. WOOZOO - Compact Personal Oscillating Fan - Black

    Model: 302912
    SKU: 6501150
    Your price for this item is $39.99
  13. Honeywell Home - Table Air Circulator Fan - Black

    Your price for this item is $17.49
    The previous price was $31.99
  14. Lasko - 12" Wall Fan - Light Gray

    Model: M12900
    SKU: 6350598

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $69.99

Comparing table fans and portable fans.

Table fans vs. portable fans.

To save yourself energy on warm days, it’s always a great idea to reach for a fan rather than switching on the air conditioner.

Tabletop fans are a particular (and popular) style of a portable fan. They are usually relatively short and have their own stand. Some of the slightly larger models oscillate to allow for a wider area of air circulation. Oscillating fans can be useful if you want to move air throughout a whole room. Meanwhile, fixed fans like a small desk fan, are convenient for directing air in a single direction.

There are other styles of portable fans in addition to the table fan. For instance, there are small and medium fans intended for use on the floor. Some of the medium-sized floor fans are quite powerful and ideal for placing in or near doorways to move air between rooms. You might also like a desktop fan, which has a compact design that doesn’t take up too much space in your work area. For both floor fans and desk fans, it can be useful to have an adjustable tilt fan design for more placement options.

Choosing the right table fan or portable fan for you.

When choosing a table fan or portable fan, it’s important to think about where you want to place it. If it will be going on a table, a fan that doesn’t take up much space is ideal. A larger fan might be a better option if you have a larger area to work with.

You will also want to consider where your fan might be plugged in. There are portable battery-powered fans, which you can conveniently place anywhere, but wired fans are much more common. If you plan on using your fan in a number of locations, it’s a good idea to choose a fan with more than 5 feet of cord. However, shorter cords are useful if the fan will be near an outlet and you don’t want too much extra cord lying around.

If you have been seeing heat waves increase in your area and you don’t have central AC, you might also want to look into how to choose the best portable air conditioner for your home to prepare for particularly hot days. AC units can quickly go out of stock once a heat wave hits, so it’s always best to be prepared in advance. Fans are a great option if you’re wondering how to minimize your carbon footprint, but there are some days that are just too hot and might require AC. At any rate, table fans and portable fans successfully move around the air and are nice additions to any home or workspace.

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