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  1. Logitech - Prodigy G213 Full-size Wired Membrane Gaming Keyboard with RGB Backlighting - Black

  2. Glorious - Polychroma Translucent RGB Keycaps - RGB

  3. ROCCAT - Vulcan TKL Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Titan Switch Linear, RGB Lighting, and Anodized Aluminum Top Plate - Black

  4. CORSAIR K65 PRO MINI RGB 65% Optical-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Backlit RGB LED, CORSAIR OPX, Black - Black

  5. SteelSeries - Apex 9 Mini 60% Wired OptiPoint Adjustable Actuation Switch Gaming Keyboard with RGB Lighting - Black

  6. HyperX - Alloy Origins Core TKL Wired Mechanical Aqua Tactile Switch Gaming Keyboard with RGB Back Lighting - Black

  7. Razer - BlackWidow V4 Full Size Wired Mechanical Green Switch Gaming Keyboard with Chroma RGB - Black

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  9. New!Logitech - PRO X TKL LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mechanical Tactile Switch Gaming Keyboard with LIGHTSYNC RGB - White

  10. REDRAGON - K630 Dragonborn TKL Wired Gaming Mechanical Brown Switch Keyboard with Backlighting - Black

  11. ASUS - Falchion NX 65% Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Black

  12. Logitech - G715 Aurora Collection TKL Wireless Mechanical Clicky Switch Gaming Keyboard for PC/Mac with Palm Rest Included - White Mist

  13. HyperX - Wrist Rest - Black

  14. CORSAIR - K100 RGB Full-size Wired Mechanical OPX Linear Switch Gaming Keyboard with Elgato Stream Deck Software Integration - Black

  15. HyperX - Alloy Elite 2 Full-size Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with RGB Back Lighting - Black

  16. Glorious - GMMK Pro Barebone High Profile Gasket Mounted RGB 75% Wired Mechanical Keyboard - Black

  17. ASUS - ROG M71 Azoth 75% TKL Bluetooth and RF Wireless Brown Switch Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Gunmetal

  18. Razer - Huntsman Mini 60% Wired Optical Linear Switch Gaming Keyboard with Chroma RGB Backlighting - Black

  19. Glorious - GPBT Dye Sublimated Keycaps 114 Keycap Set for 100% 85% 80% TKL 60% Compact 75% Mechanical Keyboards - Pastel

  20. Glorious - GMMK Custom 85% TKL Wired Mechanical Keyboard - Black

  21. Logitech - G413 TKL SE Tenkeyless Wired Mechanical Tactile Switch Gaming Keyboard for Windows/Mac with Backlit Keys - Black

Buying a gaming keyboard.

Benefits of gaming keyboards.

Serious gaming demands more than a standard keyboard, so consider buying a gaming keyboard with advanced features to elevate your gaming potential. A mechanical gaming keyboard for PC games, where every keystroke makes a difference in winning or losing, could be your ticket to victory. In mechanical keyboards, each key has its own individual switch, so you'll receive stronger feedback in the form of an audible sound or vibration as the switch connects. To find the best gaming keyboard to suit your preferences, compare the specifications of a few switch features, including actuation point and force, total travel distance, and sound. Because you might be using a gaming laptop, there are small gaming keyboards and even mini gaming keyboards that fit nicely in your bag for fun on the go. Like a gaming mouse, RGB keyboards, also known as rainbow keyboards, have color backlighting and come in both wired and wireless versions. Wired keyboards are preferred by many gamers for the same reasons they prefer wired mice. Often, wired keyboards have better response times and use fewer system resources than a wireless gaming keyboard, though the latter makes it easier to place it anywhere you choose on your gaming desk. Shopping for a gift? A gaming keyboard is one of many best gifts for gamers you can learn about on our helpful guide. 

Choosing the best gaming keyboard for your setup.

Create the ideal setting for long gaming sessions with premium keyboard features and gaming accessories to pair with your PC gaming computer. First, you'll want to be comfortably seated in a gaming chair, so you’ll have stamina for the mission ahead. Then, consider upgrading your gaming PC keyboard with two features designed for next-level gaming performance. Anti-ghosting technology is designed to support simultaneous key presses, so your keyboard recognizes rapid keystroking. To reduce the number of keystrokes needed to perform a complex string of commands, consider a rainbow keyboard that includes extra keys for macros, so you can program multiple movements into one key. You can also add a wheel or joystick PC gaming controller for more console-style feeling when gaming. A gaming headset will also help to fully immerse you in the soundscape of your games, while allowing clear communication with other gamers. Some people prefer matching all their gaming components together, so if you’re specifically looking for a white gaming keyboard, Best Buy has a wide selection of top gaming keyboards in multiple color options. 

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