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Buying a back-up camera.

Benefits of installing a back-up camera.

The importance of back-up cameras has prompted automakers to make them standard features on any new vehicles as of May 2018. If your model of car or truck was made before that date, there are several benefits to installing a back-up camera. For starters, these car safety devices give you a clear view of what’s in your path when you’re exiting your driveway or parking spots. Checking your side and rearview mirrors before reversing is a good first step, but using a back-up camera for cars gives you an extra layer of precaution. This is because they provide you with increased visibility when you’re in reverse, so you’re able to see your kid riding their electric skateboard. Additionally, electronics like this that promote safe driving can save you money and keep your insurance premiums down by helping to prevent minor accidents and related injuries. If you use a trailer hitch to tow cargo or boats, a back-up camera for trucks and cars can be very handy. Plus, using a car back-up camera is more ergonomically friendly than twisting and turning in your seat, especially if you have physical limitations that don’t allow you to crane your neck to see what’s behind your vehicle.

Choosing the best back-up camera for your vehicle.

There are several different designs to choose from when you’re shopping for the best back-up camera for your vehicle. For example, you can opt for a license plate back-up camera or one that mounts on your tailgate, bumper, or spare tire. The corresponding monitors to your camera can be placed on your windshield, rearview mirror, dashboard, or you can connect your wireless back-up camera to your car stereo receiver with an integrated screen. You might also use an app on your smartphone to see the camera’s results, with your phone ideally placed securely in a car cell phone mount for hands-free driving. Bluetooth back-up cameras are also able to send recorded video to your phone for viewing or saving to review later, which can be helpful if you’re ever in an accident.

To help narrow down your options, first check on the compatibility of the back-up camera to your vehicle since some models are designed to fit specific makes and models. If you need an RV back-up camera, you’ll want to look for one that has a wide-angle lens. Most back-up cameras provide a horizontal view, with some as wide as 190 degrees. There are also options for low-light capabilities that enhance the picture’s visibility during early morning and evening hours as well as night vision to capture images in the dark. For added assistance, certain models have sensors that will alert you to an object in your path. Once you’ve selected the right device for your needs, you can schedule your back-up camera installation appointment. Choose a location that’s convenient for you and Best Buy’s Autotechs will professionally install your back-up camera and show you how to get the most out of your purchase.

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