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  1. iPort - SURFACE MOUNT - SYSTEM FOR APPLE IPAD MINI (6th Gen) (Each) - White

    Model: 70806
    SKU: 6529850

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Buying an iPad stand.

Finding the best iPad stand for you.

If you’re looking for a way to hold or display your tablet, an iPad stand can transform your experience. With an iPad wall mount or iPad stand holder, you can prop up your device for hands-free viewing with increased versatility. You can use your iPad like a TV or convenient touch pad with an iPad mount for cars, walls, and other vertical surfaces. If you want to use your tablet for work, an iPad holder can help you set up your device like a laptop, adding height for better work posture. For more tips on making your home office more ergonomic, check out our discover and learn center. If you want to get comfy, consider investing in an iPad pillow or an iPad holder for bed and couch use. When choosing your new iPad holder, be sure to consider stand height, material, portability and device compatibility. If you’re protecting your iPad with a case or cover, remember to account for any extra space you may need for those accessories. Best Buy offers a variety of styles from top brands, so you can find the best iPad stand for you and your needs.

How to get the most out of your iPad holder.

There are many ways you can use your new iPad mount to take your tablet to the next level. With Apple’s innovative technology, you can now use the iPad Pro and other models just like you’d use a laptop — and for a fraction of the cost. But to get the full experience, you may need to add a few accessories. You can use a keyboard folio to provide height and keys, but they may not be as stable as a plastic or metal iPad desk stand. But combining your iPad stand with a separate iPad keyboard can offer more opportunities for placement and increased stability. If you’re using your tablet for work, you may also want to add a wireless mouse for easy navigation. Some iPad stand holders offer adjustable height features, including iPad floor stands which give you maximum height for use while standing. Whether you want to use your iPad stand for work or play, Best Buy offers iPad chargers and other accessories so you can keep your tablet ready for anything. 

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