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  1. Wolf Gourmet - TRUE Temperature 1.5 Liter Electric Kettle - Stainless Steel

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  2. Bella Pro Series - Pro Series 1.7L Electric Tea Maker/Kettle - Stainless Steel

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  3. Zojirushi - Panorama Window Micom 135-Oz. Water Boiler & Warmer - White

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  4. SMEG - KLF04 7-Cup Variable Temperature Kettle - Cream

    Model: KLF04CRUS
    SKU: 6559442
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Buying a tea kettle.

Benefits of electric tea kettles.

Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing mug of tea while scrolling through the daily news headlines on your tablet or winding down at the end of the day by sipping on a steaming chai, tea kettles make preparing each piping-hot beverage quick and convenient. Teapots have come a long way since tea was first introduced by an ancient traveler in China. Fortunately, even with the advancements in tea-making technology, the good-for-you benefits of drinking tea remain intact. Nowadays, boiling water for tea is as easy as plugging a tea maker into an outlet. Compared to a traditional teapot whose only job is boiling water, today’s tea kettles offer welcome upgrades. In addition to rapidly boiling water, modern tea kettles have high-tech features like automatic shutoff, heat-resistant handles, and water-level indicators. If you favor the traditional approach to making tea, Best Buy also offers metal and glass teapots that use stovetop heat.  

Habitual tea lovers with a daily teatime routine might appreciate a programmable tea kettle or a high-tech model that can be conveniently operated via an app on your smartphone. If you want a device that not only heats water but also offers the option to steep tea, there are hybrid versions that provide a vessel for both uses. The signal alerting you that the water is ready will differ depending on which type of tea kettle you own. A whistling tea kettle will alert you audibly while a digital tea kettle uses a color-changing indicator light to visually announce that the boiling point has been reached. Whether you’re shopping for a new tea kettle for your home or you want to buy the perfect foodie gift for a friend, Best Buy has a large selection to make your task easier.

Choosing the best tea kettle for you.

With the growing popularity of drinking tea, Best Buy carries a plethora of tea kettles to cater to the differing preferences and tastes of individuals. Plus, there are various price points among the brands and materials to satisfy everyone from the beginner tea-dabbler to the experienced tea aficionado. You can choose either a sleek stainless-steel kettle to match the form of your existing kitchen appliances or opt for function in a teapot with an infuser built in that lets you seamlessly brew loose-leaf tea. While many people are fond of keeping a small tea kettle at their desk for single-serve brews, a hot water kettle with a larger reservoir capacity is ideal when there are multiple tea drinkers in a home or office.

No matter what style and material you purchase, you’ll want to be sure and get the most out of your tea kettle. For true tea connoisseurs, the elements used in making their Earl Grey are just as crucial as the kettle. An exquisite cup of tea starts with water that’s free of impurities, which is why tea enthusiasts are fond of water purifiers that remove any aftertaste. To take your tea affection to the next level, try making your own tea leaves at home. Start by growing tea plants (Camellia sinensis) and after the leaves have been harvested, a food dehydrator can aid in the drying process. Whether your tea is homemade or store-bought, a milk frother comes in handy for making chai lattes or adding fresh foam to your favorite hot beverages.

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