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  1. Insignia™ - Adjustable Standing Desk with Electronic Controls - 55.1" wide - Black

    Your price for this item is $369.99
  2. Arozzi - Arena Moto Motorized Desk - Black

    Model: AZ-ARENA-MOTO
    SKU: 6506615
    Your price for this item is $549.99
    The previous price was $699.99
  3. OSP Home Furnishings - Frame Works Desk - Black

    Your price for this item is $93.99
    The previous price was $179.99
  4. OSP Home Furnishings - Newport Computer Desk - Black/Transparent

    Your price for this item is $120.99
    The previous price was $129.99
  5. Flash Furniture - Jude Rectangle Contemporary Glass Home Office Desk - Black

    Model: NAN-JN-2824S-BK-GG
    SKU: 6496650
    Your price for this item is $106.99
    The previous price was $139.99
  6. Flash Furniture - Harvey Rectangle Contemporary Laminate Home Office Desk - Black

    Model: NAN-JN-21721-GG
    SKU: 6496617
    Your price for this item is $99.99
    The previous price was $129.99
  7. Flash Furniture - Walker Rectangle Modern Laminate Home Office Desk - Rustic

    Model: JB-YJ354F-GG
    SKU: 6496604
    Your price for this item is $109.99
  8. Arozzi - Arena Ultrawide Curved Gaming Desk - Frozen Grey

    Frozen Grey
    Model: ARENA-NA-FG-BK
    SKU: 6565309
    Your price for this item is $399.99
  9. Sauder - August Hill L-Desk - Soft White

    Your price for this item is $339.99
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  11. OneSpace - Adina Rectangular Modern Engineered Wood 2-Drawer Table

    Your price for this item is $99.99
  12. Simpli Home - Sawhorse industrial 60 inch wide solid wood and metal desk - Walnut

    Model: AXCSAWM07-WAL
    SKU: 6506825

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $342.99
    The previous price was $489.99
  13. Sauder - Harvey Park Straight Desk - Grand Walnut

    Your price for this item is $459.99
  14. Sauder - Beginnings Computer Desk w/ Storage - Summer Oak

    Your price for this item is $89.99
  15. Insignia™ - Adjustable Powered 1-Drawer Standing Desk with Electronic Controls – 47.6" Wide - White

    Model: NS-PSDD48WH2
    SKU: 6476132
    Your price for this item is $299.99
    The previous price was $349.99
  16. Sauder - North Avenue Computer Desk - Sindoori Mango

    Your price for this item is $132.99
    The previous price was $149.99
  17. OSP Home Furnishings - Hillsboro Writing Desk - Grey Wash

    Your price for this item is $99.99
  18. OneSpace - Rectangular With Rounded End MDF Table - Brown

    Your price for this item is $84.99
  19. Victor - High Rise Rectangle Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Table Desk - Black

    Your price for this item is $269.99

Buying a computer desk.

Choosing the best PC desk for your space.

Recently, more people are buying home computer desks to work at home more efficiently. Rather than repurposing an existing piece of furniture like an end table or credenza to try and get by, many remote workers are choosing to buy a PC desk or computer table that is ergonomically designed for computers. Home computer desks have precisely placed holes that accommodate computer cables and peripherals, as well as adjustable levers and keyboard trays that help you customize your desk for your comfort. Larger computer tables have plenty of room for your PC, and can even accommodate additional computer monitors if you work best having multiple screens in view. An L-shaped computer desk is a good choice if you need more space to spread out, but you still want to have all of your desk accessories within reach. A computer desk with keyboard tray access under the tabletop frees up even more space for papers and a mousepad right in front of you, and it is shown to help improve posture and positioning while sitting. Speaking of being seated, studies have shown that sitting all day is bad for you, so health-conscious people might opt for a standing computer desk to combat the effects of being inactive, while getting work done at the same time. Those that are focused on aesthetics often pick a home computer desk that meshes well with their room’s decor. A glass computer desk is a top choice since it tends to go with everything and doesn’t take up a lot of visual space. No matter what your tastes are, if you’re looking for a modern computer desk that fits your style and how you want to set up a home office, Best Buy has plenty of options in a variety of sizes and finishes from veneer and laminate to wood and metal construction.

Setting up a computer desk at home.

When you bring your new PC desk home and get ready to create your ideal home office setup, you’ll want to keep in mind the lighting in the room where it’s going. If there isn’t enough natural or overhead light, be sure to add a desk lamp to reduce eye strain. You also want to determine where the outlets are so you can plug in electronics that are necessary for all your daily work tasks, like an all-in-one printer for faxing, copying and scanning. If your space only allows for a small computer desk, or if you need more home office storage than what your PC desk already offers, then a computer desk with hutch shelving added is a quick and easy solution in both cases. Another important consideration that sometimes mistakenly becomes an afterthought is what desk chair you’re using with your computer desk. You want your chair to be able to slide easily in and out from your computer table and possibly have height adjustment knobs so you can enjoy working with all-day comfort. After you are set up and ready to go, don’t forget about Best Buy’s Totaltech™ for 24/7 technology assistance. Our professional Geek Squad® Agents are highly skilled at helping you navigate technology that will make the most of your workspace environment so you can be the most successful. Whatever home office needs you might have, Best Buy is here to help you find solutions that you can truly work with.