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  1. Bloodrayne 2: Revamped - Nintendo Switch

    Publisher: Limited Run Games
    SKU: 6514311
    Release Date: 12/06/2022
    ESRB Rating: M (Mature 17+)
  2. Chaos;Head Noah / Chaos;Child Double Pack Steelbook Launch Edition - Nintendo Switch

    Publisher: Spike Chunsoft
    SKU: 6501823
    Release Date: 10/07/2022
    ESRB Rating: M (Mature 17+)
  3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Piranha Plant Stand-Alone Fighter - Nintendo Switch [Digital]

    Model: 109737
    Publisher: Nintendo
    SKU: 6332294
    Release Date: 01/31/2019
    ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10+)
  4. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Standard Edition - Xbox One [Digital]

    Publisher: Ubisoft
    SKU: 5706599
    Release Date: 03/07/2017
    ESRB Rating: M (Mature 17+)
  5. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Standard Edition - Xbox One [Digital]

    Publisher: Square Enix
    SKU: 6332713
    Release Date: 04/16/2019
    ESRB Rating: T (Teen 13+)
  6. Hogwarts Legacy - Xbox One [Digital]

    Publisher: Warner Brothers
    SKU: 6530613
    Release Date: 05/05/2023
    ESRB Rating: T (Teen 13+)
  7. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Standard Edition - Xbox One [Digital]

    Publisher: Bethesda
    SKU: 5442017
    Release Date: 05/05/2015
    ESRB Rating: M (Mature 17+)
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  9. Soul Hackers 2 Launch Edition - Xbox Series X

    Xbox Series X
    Publisher: SEGA
    SKU: 6509804
    Release Date: 08/26/2022
    ESRB Rating: M (Mature 17+)
  10. The Sims 4 Get to Work - Mac, Windows [Digital]

    Model: Digital Item
    Publisher: EA
    SKU: 5898015
    Release Date: 03/31/2015
    ESRB Rating: T (Teen 13+)
  11. Tactics Ogre: Reborn - PlayStation 5

    Publisher: Square Enix
    SKU: 6515374
    Release Date: 11/11/2022
    ESRB Rating: T (Teen 13+)
  12. Atari Arcade 1 - Evercade

    Publisher: ATARI
    SKU: 6465476
    Release Date: 01/14/2022
    ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
  13. XCOM 2 Deluxe Edition - Xbox One [Digital]

    Publisher: 2K
    SKU: 5622600
    Release Date: 09/13/2016
    ESRB Rating: T (Teen 13+)
  14. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R - Nintendo Switch

    Publisher: Bandai Namco
    SKU: 6509508
    Release Date: 09/02/2022
    ESRB Rating: T (Teen 13+)
  15. EA Sports UFC 4 - Xbox One

    Publisher: Electronic Arts
    SKU: 6415367
    Release Date: 08/14/2020
    ESRB Rating: T (Teen 13+)
  16. Fighting Collection - PlayStation 4

    Publisher: Capcom
    SKU: 6500230
    Release Date: 06/24/2022
    ESRB Rating: T (Teen 13+)
  17. Sims 4 Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack - Windows [Digital]

    Publisher: EA
    SKU: 6099984
    Release Date: 11/10/2017
    ESRB Rating: T (Teen 13+)
  18. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Standard Edition - Xbox One [Digital]

    Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
    SKU: 5859008
    Release Date: 01/18/2019
    ESRB Rating: T (Teen 13+)
  19. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 10th Anniversary Edition - Xbox One

    Xbox One
    Publisher: Bethesda
    SKU: 6483356
    Release Date: 11/11/2021
    ESRB Rating: M (Mature 17+)

Finding the top video games by rating.

What are the most popular video games?

With so many new video games coming out each year, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to choose the right ones to buy. Instead of browsing through all video games that Best Buy has in stock, you can save time by searching video games by customer rating. This way, you can see aggregate ratings by customers and read video game reviews from people who have played the titles themselves. Based on their feedback, you can find the best video games for your interests. Plus, you can sort popular video games by different brands and consoles to make it even easier.

Most gaming companies release games that are compatible with more than one platform. However, each brand also boasts exclusive games that showcase their console’s best features. For example, if you have an Xbox Series X|S, you should be aware that gamers rave about the Xbox and PC-exclusive Halo and Forza series. Nintendo Switch fans have given high ratings to many Mario and Legend of Zelda titles. The PS5 has a number of console exclusives that have earned high marks as well, including Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and others. 

Top-rated video games for multiple players.

Playing video games with friends just adds to the excitement. This is why so many multiplayer games are highly rated. Nintendo Switch’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has earned superior video game ratings from kids and adults. With dozens of classic characters battling each other for the ultimate victory, this popular video game features a showdown for the ages.

If you’re more into sports games, Xbox and PlayStation titles such as Madden NFL 22, NBA 2K22, FIFA 22 and others offer a fantastic multiplayer experience. With authentic teams and players, you can build your own dynasty. Whether you want a top video game from the arcade genre or a role-playing adventure, our customer ratings at Best Buy will help you find the top video games for hours of enjoyment. 

Enhance top-rated video games with accessories.

Even with 5-star video game reviews, you may still want to get some video game accessories to make the most of your experience. In multiplayer games, a gaming headset is crucial for communicating with your teammates during the action. An extra gaming controller is great when friends come over to play. If you’re shopping for the avid gamer in your family and you’re not sure what to get, a gaming gift card is always appreciated because it will help them purchase games, accessories and more of whatever they want to choose.

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