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Add Home Theater Seating to Your Media Room

Selecting the Best Home Theater Seating for Your Space

Home theater chairs have come a long way since the days when people sat in their trusty old seat simply because it was their "favorite chair." Before choosing the next home theater seat that will take you through long movie nights, all the big games, and binge sessions of your favorite new shows, consider the different features that can take your experience from comfortable to luxurious. Some things to look for in a home theater seat are lumbar support, massage features, foot rests, cup holders, or even a compartment to hold a universal remote. Many home theater chairs, family room furniture, or other media room furniture can be purchased individually or in sets. Home theater seating designs can be personal seats, love seats that are perfect for two, or even large sofas that can fit the entire family for a cozy movie marathon. You should also consider the set-up of your home theater to determine the best home theater furniture for your space. Some theater seating is designed to be arranged in a straight line, while others are built in a curved configuration to maximize all the viewing angles of the room. If you still have questions, our free in-home advisers are always here to help with home theater design.

Maximize Your Home Theater Experience

Maybe you're building an entire home theater, and your media room furniture is only one part of the project. If that's the case, you can find everything you need for your perfect home theater at Best Buy. We carry everything from surround sound systems that will fill any sized room with theater-quality audio, to projectors that deliver stunning images in just about any size you need. You can even add an easy-to-use smart lighting system that not only provides convenient control of your lighting, but also sets the mood for movie night, parties, or just about any other occasion. Whatever your home theater needs might be, from home theater chairs, media room furniture, or even the components that make it all shine, Best Buy has you covered.