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Shopping for Video Game Chairs

Game Chairs: Do You Need One?

You may be wondering if you really need one of the specially designed game chairs you'll find at Best Buy. And the answer to that question is... it depends. It depends on how serious you are about your gaming, how often you play, and the length of your typical gaming session. PC gaming chairs are becoming more and more popular as alternatives to an office chair, couch, or sitting on a bed, because they offer design features specifically aimed at providing versatile comfort during long gaming hours. If you're uncomfortable, or not relaxed and alert, you may be distracted to the point that you can't put forth your best gaming efforts.

Even more important than the impact on your gaming productivity are possible ramifications to your health. It's well-known that sitting for hours in a non-ergonomic chair can create stress on your back and pelvic areas. Bad posture can lead to back pain or even more serious health concerns. The right gaming desk chair can help fend off issues caused by prolonged sitting during gameplay.

Choosing the Best Gaming Chair for You

Finding the best gaming chair for you is an important element in your quest for achieving your best gaming. Your best choice in gamer chairs will complement your personal posture and body size, providing optimal comfort. It's important to look for an ergonomic design that promotes easy movement, with adjustable seat height, head and arm rests, firm cushions and a high back to provide good neck, spine and lower back support. You may also want to consider a spine-friendly reclining feature, which can relieve tension and pressure on your upper and lower back. If you enjoy virtual reality gaming, you'll want a comfortable gaming chair with features that complement your use of a VR headset for PC, like a swivel feature that can combat the nausea and motion sickness that sometimes accompanies VR play.

Accessories for Gamer Chairs

For many serious players, good gaming chairs are as important in creating the ultimate gaming station as a gamer monitor that offers sharp moving images, fast refresh rates and little motion blur, or the right PC speakers that provide lifelike audio. With all the right elements working together, you'll be better able to create your finest gaming moments, worthy of capturing on your game recorder and sharing with friends on YouTube or Twitch.

Along with a comfortable gaming chair, another consideration for gamers is a second controller. If you're familiar with PlayStation 4, you know how frequently the controllers need a recharge. Owning a second PlayStation 4 controller is a must for hot-swapping them as needed, so your gaming session won't be cut short. It's also a good reason to make a PS4 controller charger part of your gaming gear, so you're never without a charged-and-ready option.