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Buying a Home Theater System

Choosing the Best Home Theater System for You

So, you’re building your home entertainment system because you want high-quality theater-like viewing, along with a sound experience that surrounds you and fills the room. You’ve got the big-screen television you want, but now what are you going to do about the home theater system sound? That’s where Best Buy comes in. We'll help you breathe life into your favorite movies and shows with a huge selection of top-quality audio options that fit the specs of your room.

Creating the best home theater system for you doesn’t have to be difficult or intimidating. It’s simply a matter of making some decisions regarding which components will work in your home theater system room. Perhaps your setup is best realized by a sleek soundbar that fits discretely under your wall-mounted television. Or maybe you’re better off with a speaker system with at least five speakers positioned strategically around the room. You can choose to go with a wired system, though increasingly home theater systems with wireless speakers are the preferred choice because there are no wires to connect from the front of the room to the back. You’ll also want to decide what other components you want as part of your home theater system setup – options include Blu-ray players, game consoles and streaming media players. You’ll likely want to use HDMI cables to connect your devices because they transmit both audio and video signals, and you may also want to get a universal remote control so your space isn't cluttered with remotes.

The Benefits of a Wireless Home Theater System

Along with the obvious benefit of creating the ideal atmosphere for enjoying movies, TV shows and games, you can also use your wireless home theater system as a hub to expand your music listening capabilities throughout your home. In that case, you may want to consider adding a Wi-Fi extender to your home network. These devices can greatly expand your coverage and eliminate dead spots. Once you get all your home theater system components in place, consider adding a surge protector to guard your gear against power surges due to lightning strikes or other catastrophic electrical spikes that could fry your equipment.

Setting Up Your Home Entertainment System

In a basic home theater system, you’ll have a TV, an A/V receiver, a Blu-ray player, a streaming media player, a gaming console, and of course, speakers that include a sound bar, a set of speakers, or both. If the speakers are wired, the power and sound travels through the speaker cables from the amplifier. If the speakers are wireless, they will still need to be plugged into a power source, but you don’t have to run cables across the room. As part of your planning, you’ll want to determine optimal positioning for the speakers to provide the best true-to-life sound. Are you using shelf speakers? Will your speakers need to be wall-mounted? Or will speaker stands provide the perfect sound configuration? As always, you can count on Geek Squad to provide you with the home audio setup assistance you want to get your components connected, and wires and cables neatly dressed and out of the way.