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  24. Model:WTE10441

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Buying an Office Chair

Picking the Best Office Chair or Desk Chair

There’s a case to be made for paying more attention to the selection of an office chair, desk chair or computer chair than the desk itself. Considering all the hours you’ll spend sitting in it, a bad one can negatively impact your performance, your comfort and your health. If you sit in your office desk chair for 40 hours each week, for 50 weeks a year, that means 2,000 hours spent in your chair each year. Even if you’re only spending half that number of hours sitting, it still makes sense for you to get the most comfortable office desk chair or home office chair you can, and the best way to do that is by selecting the construction design features you want

For instance, if you work on a computer, the best computer chair is one that supports your lower back to alleviate tired back muscles. Would a swivel office chair be helpful, one that moves freely to help you access various areas of your desk without twisting and reaching? Some select a reclining office chair that gives their back muscles and hips a break as needed. An executive office chair is typically more on the luxurious side, featuring a high back, and an overall supportive design that fights fatigue during long hours at a desk. Even the materials that make up your office chair can be significant. A fabric office chair should be breathable to keep you from becoming hot and sweaty. A leather office chair should have enough cushion to support you comfortably, without feeling the chair base. A mesh office chair provides breathability, while offering a modern, eco-friendly look. As for color, a black office chair may be your safest choice, though other colors can spice up the look of your office. White office chairs tend to show dirt more readily, and brown desk chairs can be considered boring, which may lead you to a red or multicolor chair, whichever best matches your personal style.

Adjustability sets an ergonomic desk chair apart from other designs. While many office desk chairs have an adjustable back to provide lumbar support to help you maintain good posture, an ergonomic office chair also lets you adjust other parts of the chair like the seat, back, headrest, armrests and more for a more customized experience. This can be especially important for computer users who tend to sit in the same position for long hours. Even though your keyboard tray offers height and tilt adjustments, your comfort may depend on being able to adjust your chair’s height, seat and other components. Using a wireless keyboard gives you some position flexibility as it’s not encumbered by cords, but that’s not enough to stave off stress to your neck, shoulders and back that comes from maintaining the same position hour after hour.

Be More Productive with a New Desk Chair

Though an ergonomic desk chair can be more expensive than other chair designs, the benefits can include helping reduce work injuries, enhancing satisfaction and engagement, and enhancing productivity. Productivity can be further improved by complementing the best office desk chair with the right office elements. For example, having the right lighting situation is conducive to doing your best work, especially important if you’re not in an area where you can leverage natural light. In that case, you may want to go with a clamp desk lamp you can position for optimal effect. It may also make sense for you to have your office bookshelves close at hand so you can get reference materials fast, and you’ll want to determine the best place for your all-in-one printer. Next to your desk? In a nearby corner? Choose a spot that will help you avoid a time-wasting trek to a designated area to take care of your printing, faxing, scanning and copying needs. The best office chair is the one that’s best for you, and here at Best Buy you can browse a wide assortment of designs and sizes to get the chair that’s best for you.