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Cell phone cases, screen protector

Accessories for new iPhone models.

Choose a case, screen protector and other accessories for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR.


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Save 25% on three or more eligible cell phone accessories.

Choose from hundreds of accessories priced $9.99 or more.

Exclusions apply. Phone sold separately.

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  24. Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars with 3 reviews


Find Your Ideal Phone Case

Make the most of your cell phone and show off your signature style. At Best Buy, you'll find a large selection of cell phones cases and other accessories designed to protect and enhance your phone. The assortment includes iPhone XS cases, iPhone XS Max cases, iPhone XR cases, Samsung Galaxy cell phone covers and other mobile phone cases to keep your device looking new. In addition, we offer other accessories to make most of your cell phone, including headsets, screen protectors, PopSocket cell phone stands and more.

Fashionable Cell Phone Cases

Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, you'll find a case to suit you. At Best Buy, you'll also find a variety of designer cases that offer signature flair. Once you have a phone case, you'll want to consider other accessories designed for your busy life. One popular accessory is a selfie stick that can attach to your cell phone case. This is an easy way to take flattering photos of you or a group, with a handle that allows you to extend the phone beyond an arm's reach.

Special Cell Phone Case Features

Today's mobile phone case options include features to make your life easier. Make sure your phone doesn’t get in the way of working out with an armband case that fits over your bicep. For your busy life on the go, you'll find charging cases that power up your phone when the battery runs low. If you don't find a charging case that suits your style, Best Buy also offers a variety of portable chargers that make it easy to keep your device working throughout the day. For an extra layer of security, you'll find a variety of screen protectors that still maintain your phone's touch sensitivity and the image clarity of the screen.