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Buying a New Wall Oven

Choosing a Wall Oven: What You Should Know

Opting for a built-in oven instead of a standard range can free up valuable kitchen space and improve your kitchen floor plan. Combining a new wall oven with a microwave or cooktop can simplify food preparation. And the extra capacity of a double wall oven may come in handy for celebrations and large family meals.

Decide if you prefer a gas wall oven or an electric wall oven. An electric oven often will heat foods more evenly and can be easier to clean, but the air in a gas oven tends to be moister, which can keep your food from drying out. If you want faster, more even cooking and better crisping, consider a convection oven, which uses an internal fan to circulate hot air and improve heat distribution.

What Wall Oven Features Do I Really Need?

Consider the kinds of foods you normally prepare when selecting the features of a new oven. If you'll use your oven for baking rather than cooking or roasting your food, an oven with removable racks and timed baking option will add convenience.

Self-cleaning ovens are popular, though many have long cleaning cycles that heat up your kitchen and create nasty odors. Many newer models feature a delay clean option or a steam-cleaning mode that wraps up in half an hour. Smart ovens allow you to control your cooking with an app, while rapid pre-heat can streamline your cooking. Variable broil matches heat to your food type, while a hidden bake element provides a clean look, extra cooking space and easier cleaning.

Wall Ovens: Other Considerations

Measure your space carefully before you buy. A new gas oven requires a flexible gas line, but not a venting hood because both gas and electric ovens can vent into the kitchen. If your current pots and pans are not compatible with your new oven you may need some new bakeware. Metal is preferred for browning around the sides and top of the foods, while glass and ceramic pans provide less browning, preferred for cookies or cakes. A convection oven or convection setting may require low-sided or rimless baking sheets because the sides of the pan should be at least 2" from the sides of the oven.

Installation of a wall oven can be complicated. Best Buy has professionals to provide appliance installation, delivery, protection and repair of your wall oven and other major appliances. They can even haul away and recycle old appliances.