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How Air Purifiers Can Help

Why buy an air purifier?

An air purifier can help you through allergy season and beyond, helping to filter out pollen, mold, pet dander and other nasal irritants lurking in your home. Plus, they can help to remove other harmful particles in the air, like bacteria, mold spores, chemical fumes and more. An air purifier might even be able to reduce unpleasant odors and smoke, helping you to breathe easier and improve your air quality.

Put Allergies on Notice

While an air cleaner probably won't completely eliminate your allergies, the purifier can go a long way in reducing particulates in the air that may be causing you discomfort, whether they are pet dander, air pollution, dust, pollen, or other contaminants. Try using an air purifier with an air filtration system in your bedroom and note if, after breathing cleaner air at night, you wake up more rested in the morning.

Make Your Home Smell Great

As an air purifier processes the air in your home, it can trap unpleasant odors, lingering food smells and more. If you want to give your rooms an additional lift, try an aroma diffuser with organic essential oils to disperse the perfect light scent of your choice throughout your home.

Moisture in the Air

Scent diffusers sometimes introduce additional humidity into the air, though not nearly as much as a standard humidifier, which is perfect for the dry winter months. In the summer, you're more likely to want to remove humidity from your home (and basement) with a dehumidifier.

Air Purifier Accessories

It's very important to keep the air filter on your air purifier as clean as possible. Replace appliance parts like a HEPA filter often to make sure that you aren't reintroducing previously captured contaminants into the air. Some purifiers are equipped with washable air filters, which will save you money in the long run.