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Adding a Pioneer Head Unit

How to Select the Best Pioneer Deck

If you're looking to upgrade the audio in your vehicle because you want better-sounding, more powerful audio or because you want access to the latest sources for music, the head unit is often a good place to start. You may hear the head unit referred to as a receiver, car stereo, car radio, or deck, but by any name, it's the core of your car audio system and the component largely responsible for defining your stereo's performance and functionality.

A good first step in choosing a head unit is to determine the brand of car stereo you want. Pioneer is a popular choice thanks to the well-earned reputation of their car stereo models, which feature high-quality audio and video, seamless connectivity and easy-to-use functionality.

Your next step will be to determine which Pioneer car stereo will fit in your vehicle. If your car or truck currently has a single DIN head unit, you will likely want to replace it with another single DIN model. If your car currently has a double DIN radio, you have more options. You can replace it with a Pioneer double DIN radio, or you can replace it with a single DIN and still have room to add a graphic equalizer or digital sound processor, for instance. If you're simply looking for a Pioneer car radio alone, you can choose AM/FM, satellite radio or HD radio.

Pioneer NEX CarPlay or Android receivers, and Pioneer AVH model receivers provide customizable multimedia entertainment options for front and rear seat passengers. They can include DVD, CD, radio, digital media playback and smartphone connectivity for access to your own library. Many models also offer dual zone capability so that passengers in the front and back can enjoy different entertainment at the same time. If you choose a receiver with a Pioneer touch-screen radio, you'll have convenience and safety at your fingertips, not to mention a sharp look. And if you choose a Pioneer Bluetooth car stereo, you can easily pair the Pioneer head unit with a Bluetooth-enabled phone for hands-free calling, audio streaming, and browsing your music library. Other options available with Pioneer decks that you might want to consider include app control, GPS navigation, and internal storage, which effectively turns your Pioneer car stereo into a digital jukebox.

Getting the Most from Your Pioneer Car Stereo

One way to upgrade your system on a tight budget is to do it in stages. If that's your plan, then once you've replaced the head unit, your attention will likely turn to replacing your front speakers with Pioneer speakers. You'll find an extensive selection of various sizes and types on When you're ready to take your car audio to the next level, you may want to add a Pioneer amp to get more powerful audio and higher volume overall, without distortion. Then, once you've added a new amplifier, you may want to add a Pioneer subwoofer to provide richer, more thunderous bass.

As for installation, if you consider yourself savvy with car tech, you may be able to install the new car audio components in your vehicle yourself. However, installation can be tricky, depending on the complexity of the installation and the model of your vehicle. If you need help, you may want to get Geek Squad® car stereo installation. Geek Squad Autotechs are Mobile Electronics Certified Professionals who can handle all your car stereo needs. Plus, you'll get a lifetime workmanship guarantee.