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Buying a Samsung Television

Choosing the Best Samsung TV for Your Needs

Before you buy a TV, you will want to consider many factors. When looking for a TV, many of us instinctively want the largest possible screen. While a large screen is important, you want to make sure that your TV is the right size for the room. Samsung TVs come in a variety of sizes, with the majority of screens measuring between 45" and 70".

Screen Resolution

Screen resolution, or the sharpness of the picture, is another critical factor. Resolution describes the number of pixels on horizontal pixels on the screen. The higher the resolution, the more detailed the picture. For years, 1080 pixels, or 1080p, was the gold standard for HD TVs. The introduction of 4K Ultra HD is an exciting new development. A 4K Ultra HD screen has 2160 horizontal pixels on the screen, or twice as many as the 1080p TV set. Samsung sells 4K Ultra HD televisions in a variety of sizes, as well as 1080p and 720p screens. While most programming is not yet in 4K Ultra HD, more is being added all the time.

Do I Need a Smart TV?

A smart TV has built-in Wi-Fi, allowing it to connect to streaming services or apps. If you are going to stream Netflix, Hulu or Amazon, you will want a smart TV. The good news is that most Samsung televisions have built-in smart technology.

Building Your Complete Samsung Home Theater

A television is a major part of your entertainment system, but it isn't the only part. For instance, a Samsung sound bar will ensure that your sound is as clear as your picture. A Samsung Blu-ray player is an excellent accompaniment to any HDTV, allowing you to watch Blu-ray or DVD movies in the highest possible definition.

Bringing Your New Samsung TV Home

Once you take your Samsung television home, you will need to install it. Many believe that flat screen TVs look best mounted to the wall. If you aren't sure how to mount your television, consider Geek Squad's TV mounting services. Don't forget to purchase an HDMI cable as well. Today's high-speed HDMI cables are equipped to handle 4K content. A surge protector, in addition to providing multiple outlets, provides some protection against sudden fluctuations of electrical voltage. Whatever your decision, Samsung has a wide array of televisions to meet your needs.