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Buying an iPhone 8 Plus Case

How to Choose the Best iPhone 8 Plus Case

When it comes to choosing your Apple iPhone 8 Plus case, the large selection here at Best Buy is a plus. First and foremost, you likely want an iPhone 8 Plus protective case that provides assurance against mishaps. The iPhone 8 Plus has a large display screen and gorgeous glass back (strengthened but not shatterproof). Choose the style you want, along with the design and color. If you prefer the attractive lines of the phone to show through, an iPhone 8 Plus clear case allows the design to shine, while also providing the protection you want.

Because there are a great many cases for iPhone 8 Plus to choose from, it’s a good idea to start by determining your wish list of features. Is your main priority shock resistance? Scratch resistance? Water resistance? Obviously if you work outside, you’ll likely have different requirements than if you work at home or in an office. Are you looking for a case with an integrated stand for a lot of hands-free use? And would you like an iPhone 8 Plus phone case with a built-in external battery boost for an additional charge? Speaking of charging, the 8 and 8 Plus iPhone models are the first with built-in wireless charger capability, and their glass backs make using a wireless charging mat easy, so you can always keep your phone charged and ready. Or is your main priority getting a cute iPhone 8 Plus case that illustrates your personal style at a glance? If so, you’re sure to be able to find the best iPhone 8 Plus case from the huge selection of colors and artistic designs you’ll find at Best Buy.

Cases for iPhone 8 Plus Considerations

One option many iPhone Plus 8 users select is an iPhone 8 Plus case with a play-through design that won’t impede use of the phone’s features or ports, accommodating, for instance, an adapter for iPhone, or a lightning port for tethered charging, headphones or a vehicle adapter. Most iPhone 8 Plus cases will oblige the phone’s redesigned stereo speakers, which have been lauded by many for the impressive audio they provide. Still, you may want to pair a portable Bluetooth speaker with your phone for sharing your music or podcast with friends, for use around the house while doing chores, or outdoors on the deck or patio. Finally, along with keeping your phone in like-new condition, you may want to consider how to keep track of it if you have a habit of misplacing it now and then. Using a Bluetooth tracker could be a good option to help you find your phone when calling your number from another phone produces zero results.