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Buying a Laptop Backpack

How to Choose the Best Laptop Backpack for You

A good place to start your selection process for the best laptop backpack is to determine how you're going to use it, and how it will fit into your lifestyle and daily habits. Will you be carrying it every day on your commute to work? How much weight will it need to hold? Is security your priority? Or are storage and easy-carrying comfort more important? Will your laptop backpack be exposed frequently to inclement weather? And will you need extra gear space for games and gaming accessories?

The first consideration in choosing your laptop backpack is the size of your laptop. It probably goes without saying, but a pack that accommodates a 15" laptop won't be much help in keeping your 17" screen computer safe. Laptop backpacks that have a main compartment and a secondary compartment are a popular design, and can facilitate the combination of a backpack with laptop sleeve to provide extra protection against accidental damage. You'll also want to focus on the pockets and storage areas included in the design, especially if a dedicated pocket for your cell phone is important to you, or if you'll frequently be carrying a water bottle, other electronic devices, or a portable charger to keep those devices juiced up. Likewise, if you use a wireless mouse with your laptop, you'll want to verify there's a pocket that will do an adequate job of safeguarding it, along with other accessories you regularly carry.

Comfort may also be a consideration and you may want to be certain you choose a pack with padded shoulder straps and a padded back, and maybe a mesh-breathable back. Material influences the comfort factor, so you'll want to decide whether a leather laptop backpack is best for you, or whether you'd be better served by a pack made from tough nylon or polyester. Weather can be an additional consideration when you're picking a material. For instance, you'll likely want to choose a waterproof laptop backpack if you're often confronted by rainstorms or if you live in an area where the weather varies wildly between the time you leave, and the time you get back home.

Traveling with Your Laptop Backpack

If you're looking for a laptop backpack specifically for traveling, you'll likely want to focus on protection and easy access. Top-loading designs are convenient and airport checkpoint friendly, but they can be more difficult to organize than front-loading designs when you're carrying a big load. Ample and versatile storage may also be more critical during travel when you're looking to accommodate gear, pens, files, a mobile hotspot, books, accessories, and perhaps a wireless remote presenter, in the event you're traveling to a conference where you'll be presenting.

Whether you're looking for a more rugged laptop backpack for men or a more fashionable laptop backpack for women, or a combination of the two, you're sure to be able to find what you want among the large selection of styles, feature-packed designs, and colors here at Best Buy.