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HP Laptop Computers

What You Should Know about HP Laptops

When you begin your search for a new laptop, HP (Hewlett-Packard) is sure to be one of the brands you consider. HP is known for offering a wide selection, and has a reputation for reliability for everyday usage, performance, processing speed, battery life and overall value. Beyond selecting a brand, a good way to narrow down your options is to determine how you'll use your new laptop. You'll find there are HP laptops for every undertaking. For example, if your focus is gaming, you'll want to concentrate on HP OMEN laptops. If an attractive design and overall versatility best fit your needs, start by looking at the HP ENVY laptop series. If your requirements tend more toward browsing the Internet and answering e-mail, you might want to get an HP notebook, like one of the high-performing, affordably-priced HP Pavilion options, or an HP Chromebook laptop. If your demands tend more toward business, you'll want to look at an HP EliteBook or an HP ProBook, and you can get superior performance and long battery life with HP Spectre laptops. If you think touch screens are more intuitive and offer more convenience, you can find an HP touch screen laptop in a broad range of models.

HP Laptops: Creating a Portable Work Area

These days, there's no reason that your laptop can't afford you the same ease as your desktop, while also offering you the mobile flexibility you need to work anywhere. If using a mouse is a more comfortable option than relying on a touch pad, you'll want to consider a wireless mouse so you'll be unhampered by cords. For some, a portable laptop desk will provide the comfort you want to facilitate increased productivity. offers a wide variety of easily transportable desks and stands that are effortless to set up, and quick to dismantle. Another consideration for outfitting your take-anywhere office area is connectivity. Is the battery-draining hotspot mode in your smartphone sufficient to keep you connected? Or will a mobile hotspot prove to be a more reliable option for you to stay connected all day? You may also want to consider a laptop bag not only for portability, but to store needed supplies and accessories. You'll find a wide variety of bag and case styles here at, from laptop sleeves to backpacks to briefcases. On the other hand, you don't want your laptop to be too conveniently portable, so it may serve you well to add a tethering laptop lock to the mix to keep it secure. Additionally, if you have confidential materials on your HP laptop, you may want a lock to make that information inaccessible to others.