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Selecting an HP Printer

Choosing the Best HP Printer for Your Needs

Choosing the right Hewlett Packard printer starts with determining how you want to use it. HP inkjet printers, which spray liquid ink through microscopic nozzles onto the paper, are noted for an ability to provide vibrant colors, long-lasting photos and crisp text documents. HP laser printers have a drum unit that fuses toner powder directly onto the paper, making HP LaserJet printers revered for producing large volumes of text documents quickly. HP photo printers are specifically designed to reproduce photographs in a top-quality format that rivals a professional printing service, using either inkjet or thermal wax technology.

Beyond that, you may want to answer the wired vs. wireless question. Will your needs be best-served by the convenience and computer mobility provided by an HP wireless printer partnered with your HP laptop, for instance? Or will the interference-free reliability of a wired printer setup, using an Ethernet printer cable, give you the performance you want? An HP all-in-one printer, like those in the HP Envy printer series, for example, is designed with multi-functional capabilities that enable it to not only print, but also copy, scan and fax, depending on the model you select. Other characteristics to consider when choosing your ideal HP printer include speed, color, wide-format printing for creating large-scale documents, and duplex (both sides) scanning and printing. Available features you may find useful include Wi-Fi connectivity, scan-to-email function, built-in memory card reader, touch-screen, auto document feeder, the ability to AirPrint, and more.

Other HP Printer Considerations

It's important to think about the consumables too, like ink and paper, so you won't be surprised by replacement costs. If the HP printer you choose is eligible for Hewlett Packard's ink cartridge replacement service, HP Instant Ink, you may find the price discounts and automatic delivery appealing. Delivery is so automatic, in fact, you don't even place an order; rather, your printer senses when ink levels are low and automatically lets HP know to send replacement cartridges. Printer paper is another determination. Your selection may be informed by whether you'll need glossy photo paper, specialty paper designed for HP Sprocket Printers, or everyday copy/multipurpose paper. And finally, you'll want to consider printer set-up, ascertaining whether a quick, simple connection you can do is sufficient, or if you'd benefit from Geek Squad help when you're facing a more complex or large network set-up.