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  12. Magnolia

    Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars with 2 reviews


Buying a 55-Inch TV

55-Inch Television: What You Should Know

If you’re looking for a television that’s big enough for immersing yourself in sports, TV shows or movies, or playing games, but not so big as to completely dominate the room, a 55-inch television will likely check all the boxes. Most of the latest 55-inch TVs are large enough to be available with 4K Ultra HD resolution, which means you can comfortably sit as close as 4.5 feet away, or as far as 11.5 feet away, to enjoy all the fine, lifelike detail without distortion. If you choose 4K, it also means you can count on your current movies and TV shows looking better thanks to advanced video processing chips that upscale all your content to near 4K Ultra HD quality.

Depending on your plans for the layout of the room, you can decide to go with a TV stand. Or you can mount your new 55-inch flat screen TV on the wall, which gives you more flexibility with seating and furniture arrangements. A good bet for mounting is to use a full-motion TV wall mount, which will maximize the viewing angle options and can also help reduce glare in bright areas. Conventional wisdom suggests mounting your TV so the center third of the screen is at eye level.

55-Inch TV: Other Considerations

Most of the latest TVs devote less space to speakers, in favor of technology aimed at a better quality picture and a slimmer overall size. For that reason, you may want to consider augmenting the built-in audio with an all-in-one sound bar that offers a bigger, fuller, more sonic experience, and one that better complements the enhanced, true-to-life picture without taking up much space.

You’ll also want to consider your options for content. Of course, you can choose traditional cable, or you can select a smart TV that includes everything you need to access streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu and others through the internet (except the service subscription). Other options include getting a media streaming device that gives your new television smart capabilities, or attaching a game system like the Xbox One console, which not only provides internet and streaming abilities, but also puts Blu-ray movies and gaming at your fingertips. In that case, you’ll want to choose a TV equipped with enough USB ports to accommodate what you want for peripheral devices, and you will likely also need HDMI cables to get everything connected.

Once you have selected the best 55-inch TV for you, if you would like help with TV wall mounting service in your home or business, Geek Squad can provide you with professional installation, support and repair.