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Coming Home with a 43-Inch TV

43-Inch TV Versatility

Though many believe "bigger is better" when it comes to large-screen televisions, a 43" TV offers you a ton of versatility. First, its screen is large enough to make the stunning detail, color and brightness provided by 4K resolution worthwhile, something that’s often not the case with smaller screen televisions of 40 inches or less. Plus, when you’re looking for the best size for less spacious viewing spaces, where you might want to sit as close as three feet from the screen, a 43" TV 4K Ultra HD will provide an immersive TV-watching or gaming experience without distortion. For that reason, you may decide that a 43-inch LED TV is the ideal size for your game room, kitchen, den, garage, basement, you name it, especially if you pair it with a full-motion TV wall mount that lets you adjust the viewing angle to best meet your needs.

Plus, if you select a 43-inch smart TV, you’ll be able to stream television shows and movies from a variety of apps and services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube and others. And if you team it up with a voice assistant, you’ll be able to use your voice to select what you want to watch, along with handling other TV processes like "pause" (while you get popcorn), "next episode" (when you realize you’ve already seen the one you’re watching) and "turn on captions" (to help you concentrate in the face of kid-related hubbub). This is also possible without a smart 43-inch TV if you use one of the available media streaming devices to connect to the internet so you can stream the video and music you want.

43" TV for the Bedroom: Tips

If you’re looking for the best 43-inch TV situation for your bedroom, you may want to consider other accessories to help you customize your viewing to the needs of your family. For example, if you decide to go without a smart TV or streaming device, you may instead choose to connect a Blu-ray player, cable source or some other programming service, and perhaps a system for sound. If that’s the case, you may find it convenient to use one universal remote to control everything, rather than juggling the three or four remotes required for the various devices. Additionally, if you or your significant other likes to watch TV while the other is trying to sleep, you may find wireless headphones are a good solution.