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How to Buy a Whirlpool Range

Finding the Perfect Range

Choose a brand of cooking appliances that you trust, perhaps a brand that you already have in your kitchen. If you're building your kitchen from scratch, or doing a complete remodel, you may decide on a Whirlpool range because of the company's more than a century-old reputation for innovation and reliability.

Decide how much room you have for a range. Do you need a compact range, a standard range, or an oversize range? Decide if a free-standing Whirlpool stove will work best in your kitchen's floor plan, or if you prefer the custom-built look of a Whirlpool slide-in gas range. Ranges are available in many finishes to suit your kitchen décor, including stainless steel, black stainless steel, classic white or black.

Whirlpool Electric Range or Whirlpool Gas Range?

Most gas ranges require natural gas, delivered via a gas line to your house. If that's not a viable fuel option, choose an electric range, which usually requires a 240V electrical outlet. Serious cooks tend to prefer a gas ranges, including a Whirlpool gas stove because they provide more precise cooking control. However, a Whirlpool electric stove may be safer for children or pets since it has no open flame. Electric ranges can also be easier to clean.

Other Whirlpool Range Features

To conserve counter space and make cleaning up easier, choose the modern look of a Whirlpool glass top stove cooktop. If you're cooking for a large family, you may want to consider a five-burner cooktop or a double oven as well as a self-cleaning oven that makes it easy to remove spills. Depending on your cooking and baking needs, consider models with a keep-warm setting, app control, Sabbath mode or convection cooking, which tends to be faster and more energy-efficient.

Your New Whirlpool Range: Installation

You can install your new Whirlpool electric stove or Whirlpool gas stove yourself, or you can choose Best Buy's delivery and appliance installation service. Delivery-only service includes delivery to your home as well as unboxing, inspection, and, if you choose, haul-away and recycling of your old range. (There is a small extra charge for haul-away service.) Electric range installation requires a new electric stove cord, while a gas range requires a gas line for stoves. You also may need a Whirlpool range hood, which helps to remove cooking smoke, steam and odors from your kitchen.