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How to Buy a Whirlpool Wall Oven

Whirlpool Ovens: What You Should Know

As you browse for a new Whirlpool wall oven, you'll need to know what size will fit in your kitchen. Wall ovens are available in standard widths of 24 inches, 27 inches and 30 inches. While wall ovens fit seamlessly into your cabinetry for a custom look, they usually have less cubic feet of cooking space than traditional ranges. So, if you want to cook more dishes at one time, or if you'd like to cook two items at different temps simultaneously, consider a Whirlpool double oven. Or choose a Whirlpool microwave oven combo that combines a conventional baking oven with a quick-cooking alternative.

Decide if a Whirlpool gas oven or a Whirlpool electric oven is appropriate for your home based on your existing connections. Although performance is comparable, electric ovens tend to be slower to preheat, and gas ovens tend to create a moister heat, which can be helpful for preventing a dry turkey but not optimal for homemade cookies.

Your New Whirlpool Oven: Features You Want

Many ovens have features that make cooking and baking easier, including the auto-adjusting Whirlpool convection oven that features an additional heat source plus a fan to circulate hot air, providing constant, even heat and cooking in less time. The Whirlpool Accubake feature uses sensors to regulate oven temps during preheating and baking to ensure precise temperatures. A Whirlpool self-cleaning oven includes an extended high-temperature mode that burns off baked on spills and messes. A Whirlpool steam clean oven uses lower temperatures than a self-cleaning oven to loosen spills and make clean-up easier. Other features include a safety lock, rapid preheat, Sabbath mode, keep-warm setting, app-control, variable broil and auto shut-off.

Other Whirlpool Wall Oven Considerations

Keep your dinner from overcooking by using meat thermometers to monitor the internal temp of your food. Bluetooth-enabled models even send an alert to your smartphone when your food has reached the desired temperature. Browse the huge selection of bakeware at Best Buy to be sure you have what you need for every baking and cooking occasion.

DIYers who choose to install a gas wall oven should make sure they have a flexible gas line for a secure connection. If you prefer, you can rely on Best Buy to provide professional appliance installation, which can include delivery and unboxing only, haul-away and recycling of your old oven, or complete professional installation.