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Buying a Whirlpool Washer

Whirlpool Washing Machines: What You Should Know

Many people choose Whirlpool washers based on the company's reputation for quality. But learning more about laundry innovations will help you refine your choice of Whirlpool washing machine. Do you need a machine that both washes and dries your laundry? Or are you more interested in a smart washer you can control with your smartphone or tablet? Some people require their washer and dryer to fit in a small space or, alternately, can handle extra-capacity loads. A steam function can help with stain removal while out-of-balance detection, time-remaining displays or automatic temperature controls are helpful for some households.

Before choosing features, however, you should settle on either a top-loading or front-loading washer. Front-loading machines can be raised to a comfortable height with a Whirlpool pedestal, which also provides extra storage. Front-loading washers tend to have faster spin speeds, are gentler on clothes, and can be more energy efficient. Plus, some models can be stacked with a Whirlpool dryer for a more efficient use of space. Top-loading washers, on the other hand, are often less expensive, easier to load, and have faster wash and rinse cycles but may use more water.

Should You Get a Whirlpool High-Efficiency Washer?

To qualify as high efficiency (sometimes called HE), a washing machine must meet certain criteria relating to water, electricity and detergent usage. Typically, a Whirlpool high-efficiency washer has faster-speed spin cycles that remove more water from the load, so your laundry dries more quickly. Plus, a high-efficiency washing machine like the popular Whirlpool Cabrio washer uses sensors that automatically adjust water temperature, level and spin to match the load. Plus, almost every Whirlpool HE washer is Energy Star-certified to help you save money and protect the environment.

Other Whirlpool Washer Considerations

The average capacity for both top-loading and front-loading washers is between 3.1 and 4 cubic feet, enough to hold 12 to 16 pounds of laundry. Measure your space carefully since larger-capacity Whirlpool washing machines may be two or three inches wider than a typical 27" width. Plus, you should leave 6" between your washing machine and the wall to allow room for a washer hose needed for both hot- and cold-water connections.

Washer Installation

If your Whirlpool washer will be placed in a new location, be sure you have hot and cold water supply pipes at the point of connection, each with its own shut-off valve, and optimally near a sink for a drain hose. For help with professional washing machine installation, you can depend on Best Buy for delivery, professional installation and haul-away of your old machine.