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Buying a Projector Screen

What Is the Best Projector Screen Size for Your Room?

When you’re watching the big game or hosting movie night, sometimes even a big flat-screen TV won’t cut it. Instead, you want a screen that’s so gigantic it makes you and your guests feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. For times like these, only a projector screen will do. Before you buy the projector screen TV of your dreams, there are a few things to think about. First and most importantly, does your planned media room have a windowless wall big enough to accommodate the size screen you want? Secondly, will the room allow the home theater seating you’d like, without being too close and with clear sight lines for all? The THX certification standard for a 120-inch home projector screen showing 1080p resolution content suggests that viewers sit 11 to 15 feet away from the screen. 4K and higher resolution content allows prime viewing closer to the screen.

You’ll also need to determine the optimal location of the projector. Will your room accommodate a projector ceiling mount, or will you be better served by a projector mounted on the wall? The size, and shape, of the best projector screen for you is also dependent on its aspect ratio. 16:9 is the ratio of choice for home theater, and the one that best displays widescreen content; 4:3 ratios are standard for television and computer monitors; 1:1 ratio screens are ideal for data presentations; and a 2.35:1 aspect ratio is the widescreen cinema standard for a full field of view movie experience.

You’ll also want to determine your preferred projector screen style. You may decide that a fixed screen that stays displayed on the wall all the time will work best for you. Or you can choose a retractable screen mounted on the ceiling or wall, either a motorized projector screen or a pull-down projector screen, that can be raised and lowered as you need it.

Watching Movies on Your Outdoor Projector Screen

If you want to create your own backyard/outdoor home theater setup with an outdoor projector screen, you may want to buy a portable projector screen. Portable projector screens are generally the least expensive option, and can be moved from room to room, or from deck to patio. A Blu-ray player is a good option for watching movies, TV shows and other content, particularly if the Blu-ray player has upscaling capability. This will provide a better image on a large projector screen.

A media streaming device, such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku or other devices, can be a valuable accessory to your projector TV. This device can be connected directly to the projector using cables, or wirelessly if you have a wireless network and your content source has wireless capability. Lastly, you need quality audio to pair with your video content. You can accomplish this wirelessly using your main home theater receiver. Consider outdoor speakers if you plan to use your projector TV in your backyard.