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Children's Headphones

Kids Headphones for Travel or School

If your children attend a school that offers students use of an iPad as part of the curriculum, or if you're ready for a change after repeated listenings of your offspring's favorite children's music, you might be considering getting your kids headphones. Beyond that, children's headphones prove beneficial during family vacations when the current favorite Disney DVD finds its way into to the car DVD player for the umpteenth time. Likewise, boys and girls headphones can make it easier for your children to use kids tablets, both for entertainment and for learning and completing school assignments. Additionally, most airlines require headphones for listening to electronics on a flight, so headphones for kids could be a must-have in the event of an airplane trip.

How Are Headphones for Kids Different?

Selecting the best headphones for kids can be a little trickier than just picking out the style that best fits your child's ears, choosing earbuds or in-ear headphones, or over-ear or on-ear headphones. You'll also want to decide whether to go wired or wireless. Cords can, at times, be more hassle than they're worth for youngsters, so you may want to consider kids wireless headphones. On the other hand, while kids Bluetooth headphones can be convenient at home, it may not be suitable for use at school.

Regardless of which side of the wired vs. wireless debate you stand on, you want to be certain you select kids headphones with effective volume limits designed to protect your child's hearing. Hearing loss from loud volume levels can affect anyone, but children are especially susceptible. And, while there is no mandatory standard that restricts the volume that headphones can output, according to the World Health Organization, the recommended safe volume level is right around 85 decibels, so headphones for kids with built-in volume regulators is a good place to start. Another option is noise-isolating or noise-cancelling headphones for kids, both of which are designed to reduce the need for higher volumes in noisy surroundings. Noise-isolating headphones block ambient noise with their seal against the ear, while noise-cancelling headphones do the same thing while also electronically cancelling exterior soundwaves. Beyond that, you'll want to select headphones that have comfortable headband and earphone padding, and that offer a kid-friendly color and style.