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Buying a Gas Grill

Choosing the Best Outdoor Gas Grill for You

When selecting the best gas BBQ grill for your backyard, take into consideration how many people you typically cook for and how often you grill. Another important aspect to consider in your search for an outdoor gas grill is deciding between a natural gas grill or a propane grill. A natural gas grill requires installation of a gas line. They are also generally more affordable and it won’t run out of gas. A propane grill uses a portable tank of propane that needs to be changed periodically.

The BTU (British Thermal Units) rating is a measurement of how much fuel the grill uses over a set amount of time. The higher the BTUs, the higher levels of heat generated, and the more fuel the gas grill uses. While this is important to consider, design efficiency is equally important, because you need a grill that also holds the heat.

You’ll also want to consider how many main burners you’ll need. Most three-burner grills have around 450—500 square inches of cooking space, which is usually enough room to grill food for a family of four. If you have a large family or entertain guests, a model with 5-6 burners might be a better option because they provide more space cooking and flexibility. You can prepare different foods at different temperatures simultaneously, making it possible to barbecue chicken, fish or burgers, while roasting vegetables, and using a salt and pepper grinder to season everything.

Other features you can consider include an infrared grill, which uses extreme high-heat to sear meat or crisp fruits and vegetables and a rotisserie burner, which facilitates slow-roasting meats such as whole chickens and turkeys. You could also consider a side burner, which is handy for warming up sauces and side dishes.

Gas BBQ Grills: A Superior Backyard Cookout

Backyard barbecues were made for summer and having the right outdoor gas grill is a crucial component for the perfect cookout. If you want to create an even more inviting and comfortable outdoor oasis, you could consider adding an outdoor dining set, which gives guests a place to sit back, relax and enjoy everyone's company. If people are chatting into the night, outdoor lighting can help you extend the fun into the evening hours. Another thing to contemplate is how late into the year you plan on grilling. If you're the type who loves to grill and will keep cooking outside when the weather gets cooler, a patio heater can help keep the atmosphere cozy.