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Buying Outdoor Lighting

Outside Lights Benefits: Curb Appeal, Safety and More

There are many reasons for you to add exterior lighting to your home. You may want to enhance your house's curb appeal, or you may be concerned about safety after dark. You may want to welcome visitors warmly as they approach your home, and then create the perfect ambiance for entertaining on your deck or patio. You have a wide variety of options for illuminating your outdoor spaces, including temporary solutions like outdoor LED lighting, outdoor lantern lights, and string lighting, as well as more permanent solutions like flush lights, outdoor light fixtures and sconces. You're limited only by your own imagination when it comes to the design, functionality and efficiency of your outdoor lighting. Well-lit walkways, driveways and front porches make it easy for guests to navigate to and from your home, while outside lights add beauty and mood to your outdoor living spaces, gardens, landscaping and paths.

Smart outside light fixtures can work seamlessly with your other smart home devices, like your Wi-Fi sprinkler controller and your home security components, to create a comprehensive smart home system you control with your smartphone or tablet. Once you configure your porch lighting to work with your smart door lock, you'll be able to visually confirm who is standing on your porch before you allow them remote access to your home. Exterior lighting can be powered by electricity, batteries and sometimes solar power.

Extend Your Evening with Outdoor Light Fixtures

Outdoor lights can help you extend your entertaining space from the house to the porch or patio, so you can host parties or have family meals after dark. Carefully placed lighting sets the scene and provides a warm atmosphere and style, extending your get-together into the evening by illuminating meal preparation for the grill or smoker well after dark.

Choose your lights based on your outdoor lighting need: hurricane lights and lanterns provide the ultimate in atmospheric lighting; flush lights can be placed exactly where you need them; sconces provide light in a specific area or nook; and string lights can be hung or draped wherever you want a lighting accent or a dramatic statement. Pair your lighting strategy with music from your choice of outdoor speakers for a well-rounded entertainment space. And continue to enjoy the fun and fellowship of outdoor gatherings well into the season when you install patio heaters near your well-lit fire pit to chase away the chill. Express yourself and bring out your personal style with these outdoor lighting options from Best Buy.