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Buying a Kenwood Car Stereo

Kenwood Car Stereos: What You Should Know

If you're looking for better sound, a little more oomph, or more playback options from your car stereo, you're probably ready for an upgrade. So where do you start? Selecting a reliable brand is a good first step. Kenwood is a popular choice because of its reputation for innovation in electronics and communication, along with the company's focus on providing versatile products with cutting-edge designs.

It's a common misconception that improved fidelity in your vehicle can be accomplished solely with new speakers. Though new speakers certainly can provide aural enhancement, they're just one piece of the puzzle. Many people choose to upgrade their system one segment at a time. In that case, the best place to begin is with a Kenwood head unit, also known as a Kenwood receiver, to provide a solid power foundation for the system you want (rather than the system you have now).

Once you start browsing the selection of Kenwood receivers, you'll have some decisions to make. For instance, do you want your source receiver to include a Kenwood radio, a Kenwood touch-screen radio, a CD/DVD/digital media receiver combination, or a satellite radio-ready receiver? You'll need to make sure the Kenwood car radio you select can actually be installed in your car, which means determining whether a Kenwood double DIN receiver or a single DIN receiver will be the best fit. DIN refers to receiver size, and while one is not inherently better than the other, a double DIN design provides more internal space for components, as well as offering a larger screen. While you can adapt a single DIN to a double DIN space, and vice versa, it's often easiest to accomplish an upgrade by choosing a replacement with the same DIN size as your current system. You'll also want to consider connectivity options. With your new Kenwood car stereo, Bluetooth wireless capability will likely be a consideration so that you can expand your media options to playlists on your iPod, iPhone, smartphone or other devices. Another consideration is whether the receiver has the inputs you'll need — for example, if you decide to integrate a rear camera or GPS. You can also select a Kenwood receiver that accommodates Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and/or HD radio.

Other Kenwood Car Stereo Considerations

Once you've selected the receiver that will give you a good base for your on-the-road entertainment, you can turn your attention to upgrading other components. A good next step is to replace your existing front speakers with Kenwood speakers, choosing 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, or 5-way speakers to provide the clear highs, strong lows and long life you want. Then you can either replace the back speakers with the front speakers you took out, or install new back speakers. Next, you may want to consider a Kenwood amp to give your system a boost, without distortion, and to power a subwoofer, if that's part of your upgrade plan. The key to selecting the right amplifier is matching the amp's RMS, the measure of continuous power output, to the average power output of the speakers. Then, in order to enhance your system's low frequency performance, you may want to add a Kenwood subwoofer.

If you have the aptitude and skill, installing a new Kenwood car stereo can be an enjoyable project. If you'd prefer help, Geek Squad® is available to take care of all your car stereo installation needs, along with any other installations you may want, such as a remote car starter, auto security system, portable GPS, radar detector or keyless entry.