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  1. Model:LYRA TRIO MAP-AC1750-3PK

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Buying a Router

Choosing the Best Router

A router is the center of your internet network that serves as the point of contact for all of your connected devices. If you use the internet frequently at home it's important to have a router that will be powerful enough to reliably support all of your devices. Many homes have seven or more connected devices including smartphones, gaming consoles, tablets, smart TVs, streaming media players and more. Many people probably don't think about how much work their network router does for them every single day by keeping all of their devices connected to the internet. If it's been a few years since you last bought a router or if you've been having a problem with your network like weak signal strength, it might be time to shop for a new router. After all, router technology has been constantly improving over the years to provide faster speeds. If you're a gamer who uses a system like an Xbox One console to play online games, you can connect your console to your router with an Ethernet cable for faster game streaming.

Secure Your Router and Network

Many routers include additional features like USB ports, remote access, beamforming technology, and more. Most routers also have a built-in hardware firewall to protect the devices on your private network from hackers and cybercriminals. To further protect your devices you should consider installing internet security software to prevent viruses or malware from potentially corrupting data, accessing your private information, or even rendering your computer useless. Another investment worth making would be an uninterruptible power supply that will protect your router and the devices connected to it from any unexpected power surges.