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Screen Protectors: A Closer Look

Tablet Screen Protectors: Do You Need One?

Though many tablets feature scratch-resistant tempered glass, even those with Corning's Gorilla Glass aren't scratch-proof, so you may want a tablet screen protector to keep your device looking like new. Plus, while a tablet protector can add a small level of security if your tablet gets dropped screen-first, the biggest benefit is protection against dirt and skin oils (which further attract dirt), especially if you have children.

Tablet Protection Types

Your new screen guard is likely to be one of three types. PET (polyethylene terephthalate) protectors, consisting of polyester film with a scratch resistant matte coating on one side and a silicone adhesive on the other, provide basic screen protection. TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) protectors are chemically-enhanced plastic that is scratch-resistant, elastic, and oil and grease-resistant, and offer the best combination of affordability and toughness. And a tempered glass screen protector, generally the priciest choice, offers the ultimate in protection and feel, including superior light transmission for a clearer display. Additionally, a glass screen protector provides superior shatter- and scratch-resistance, superior shock-absorption, and resistance to heat expansion that can result from long sessions of use.

Screen Protectors Considerations

Along with scratch and bump protection, some screen protectors offer additional features you'll appreciate. For many who use their tablets for work, anti-glare screen protectors are essential because of their reflection-diffusing properties. For others, a privacy screen protector is important because it limits the viewing angle of the screen to just the user. Since most tablet screen protectors are designed to accommodate a specific make and model, you'll want to select an iPad screen protector, if that's the type of tablet you own, or one designed for your Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy or Amazon Fire, for instance.

Along with a screen protector, you may want to consider other tablet accessories and iPad accessories. For instance, tablet cases and tablet covers provide additional scratch-resistance and shock-absorption protection, as well as giving you a way to customize your tablet to your personal style. Stylus pens suited to your tablet can be helpful because they're often more precise than fingers, and easier to use in cold weather. And you may also want to consider a tablet stand for use in your car, to hold your tablet at the optimal level, or to facilitate charging.