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Buying a Wine Cooler

Choosing the Best Wine Cooler for You

To determine the best wine cooler for you, you should first define how many bottles of wine you want to chill as well as the wine refrigerator's perfect placement in your home. This will help you decide if you need either a stand-alone wine refrigerator or a built-in wine fridge, as in one that is installed as part of your kitchen's cabinetry. The main differences between the two types are size and venting: a standalone wine cooler fridge is usually larger, holds more bottles, and vents excess heat from the sides and back while a built-in cooler holds fewer bottles and has air vents in the front. While a built-in wine chiller could be used as a standalone appliance, you shouldn't try to install a standalone unit in your cabinetry because incompatible venting may cause it to overheat and stop working.

When deciding which style of wine refrigerator you want, think about how you can situate it near your wine openers, wine glasses or wine pourer. You may also want to consider a convertible wine cooler that can be used as either a built-in under counter wine fridge or a standalone unit. And look into units that feature reversible door hinges, see-through doors, interior lights, a digital display, a child-lock, auto defrost, multiple temperature zones and more.

Enjoying Your New Wine Refrigerator

You should resist the urge to use your wine cooler as an overflow refrigerator when you have a party or host a dinner. Strong-smelling fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients like onions and garlic can inadvertently permeate your wine, lending unwanted flavors. In addition, wine should be stored at a higher temperature than your other groceries but at a lower temperature than bottled water and soft drinks. Try pairing your wine chiller with a beverage cooler to ensure that all your party beverages and foods are kept at their optimal temperature.

Parties can be stressful, but with a little planning, you can arrange your home's flow to allow for easy conversation and maximum fun. Make sure you have a toaster oven nearby to prepare quick, hot appetizers and hors d’oeuvres. Consider using a wired or wireless bookshelf speaker, strategically placed so you can control the musical vibe without leaving the conversation. And choose the right wine cooler to display your wine collection and serve your favorite vino to family and friends.