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Buying RC Cars and Trucks

Remote Control Cars and Trucks: A Closer Look

If you've never operated an RC car or RC truck, you might wonder what the fuss is about. This hobby combines the fun of controlling your own vehicle on a track or off-road with the exhilaration of pure speed. For children who are 3 or older, operating remote control cars and trucks can help develop psychomotor and cognitive skills while also enhancing creativity. Whether you are an experienced RC operator or new to the hobby, there are some considerations to keep in mind.

Style: Remote controlled cars include realistic-looking on-road race cars, intended to be driven and raced on asphalt or cement tracks, and rally cars that can be driven on-road or off-road on gravel. RC drift cars, another popular style, have slick tires ideal for sliding around turns without losing speed. Drift cars run best on smooth roads and parking lots. Remote control trucks, including semis, SUVs, monster trucks, desert trucks and other extreme transports, are great for conquering many types of terrain. Buggies are known for durability and versatility, as they can operate on many tracks, from grass to gravel. Both buggies and trucks tend to be built extra tough making them better able to take any abuse that might be dished out by newbies learning control.

Scale: When you first start browsing RC trucks and RC cars for sale, you'll notice they are modeled after full-size cars and trucks. These vehicles are available in various scale sizes, from a small 1/36 scale, up to 1/5 scale. Especially for those just starting out, 1/10 scale is a good size since it's big enough to avoid being stymied by obstacles and rough terrain, yet is still able to move at relatively fast speeds. Most RC vehicles have age recommendations to help in the selection for younger racers.

Remote Control Trucks and Cars: Racing or Bashing

If you'd like to become a remote controlled car racer, you can find organized races in nearly every state. Or, maybe you just want to be a basher, which covers pretty much everything that's not an official race with rules and regulations, from running your RC car in the backyard to racing against your neighbor in the street. Either way, the main goal of most racers and bashers is to have fun, and for many, part of the fun is filming the action. One of the most common ways to film your race is by using one of the many action camcorders and cameras designed to record the unique, bird's-eye, middle-of-the-action point of view. Another way some RC enthusiasts capture the action is with one of the drones with cameras that are becoming more and more popular these days.

Though it might go without saying, nothing will frustrate your remote control car and truck racing fun like running out of juice. To that end, it's a good idea to make sure that you have rechargeable batteries, along with a battery charger you can employ at a moment's notice, to keep your RC car or truck running. For kids and adults, RC cars and trucks provide an exciting alternative to playing video games or watching TV. Whatever type of RC vehicle you buy, know that you are embarking on an exciting pastime.