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Intel® Optane™ Memory

Everyday tasks are up to twice as responsive with Intel Optane memory.

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  1. VR Ready
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    Reg $1,849.99
  2. VR Ready
  3. VR Ready
  4. $1,099.99
  5. $1,099.99
  6. $2,299.99
  7. $1,299.99
  8. $1,249.99
  9. $1,999.99
  10. $3,499.99
  11. $2,199.99
  12. $999.99
  13. $1,499.99
    Save $100
    Was $1,599.99
  14. $999.99
  15. $849.99
    Save $30
    Was $879.99
  16. $949.99
  17. VR Ready
    Save $161
    Was $1,754.99
  18. $299.99
  19. VR Ready
    Save $100
    Was $1,899.99
  20. $299.99
  21. $2,749.99
  22. $2,799.99
  23. $1,199.99
  24. VR Ready

Buying a Gaming Laptop

Do I Need a Gaming Laptop?

Take your PC gaming on the go with a laptop. A good gamer laptop will outpace the newest gaming consoles when it comes to sheer computing power, but you can also enjoy a great gaming experience with many low-to-mid-tier gaming laptops. A key element for the best PC gaming experience is computing power, so good gaming laptops are usually more powerful than standard laptops.

Top Gaming Laptop Features

With a gamer laptop, you'll usually get a powerful processor, plus a beefy graphics card to provide visually stunning gaming experiences. You'll need to make sure these components stay cool, so consider using a laptop cooling pad for the optimum experience. With so much power, your best laptop for gaming might be larger and heavier than a traditional laptop used for word processing and Internet surfing. The intense processing power can drain your battery faster than if you're just surfing the Internet. You'll need to balance power with portability to find the best gaming laptop for your needs. For a comfortable gaming experience, pick up a pair of gaming glasses to help minimize symptoms like dry eyes, headaches, blurry vision, tired eyes, insomnia and long-term effects of blue light exposure.

Creating the Best Gaming Laptop Setup

No matter what type of PC games you enjoy, from fast-paced competitive shooters, white-knuckle racing games, expansive role-playing games, atmospheric horror tales or detailed strategy simulators, there are accessories made to fit your needs. For the ideal multiplayer gaming setup, consider a gamer/gaming headset with an integrated microphone that allows you to easily communicate. Some users feel that wired headsets deliver better sound quality, while wireless headsets don't have cords to tether you to your laptop. A gaming mouse offers customizable options for the optimal gaming environment, including different grip designs, mouse sensitivity, response time variations and customizable buttons.