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Keep Your Home Secure with Smart Locks

Improve Safety and Convenience with Smart Home Products

As smart technology expands to more areas of home life, it can help you save energy, automate everyday tasks, keep your home secure, and make life more convenient. Home automation systems allow you to program schedules or control devices from wherever you are, including smart locks for your door, smart switches for appliances and electronics, and smart lights inside and outside your home.

Use Your Phone as a Key

With your smartphone connected to a smart electronic door lock, your door automatically unlocks as your approach and automatically locks when you leave. There's no need to remember to lock the door or fish your key out of a pocket or purse.

Some keyless door locks also include a keypad so that you can unlock the door by entering a code. Even if you don't have your phone with you, you can still get inside without a key. Keypad door locks also give you the ability to create additional codes to share with friends and family.

Grant Access to Guests

With a smart lock for keyless entry, you can use your smartphone to grant access to friends, family and guests, even when you're away from home. You can let the handyman or dog sitter into your house, limit the amount of time they have access, and receive a notification when they leave.

Keep an Eye on the Door

By setting up alerts on your smartphone, you can receive notifications when the kids come home, see when the handyman leaves, or check to see if the contractor arrived on time. You can also choose to receive notifications anytime someone enters or leaves your home, similar to a door alarm.

Connect with Other Smart Home Devices

If you enjoy the convenience of opening your door with your smartphone, you may be interested in smart garage door openers as well. You can open and close your garage door from your phone, get alerts whenever someone else opens or closes the garage door, and check to see if you left it open by accident.

Voice assistants can also make life easier and more convenient. Some smart door locks can sync with a voice assistant, so that you can lock your door with a voice command. Voice assistants can also help you control other smart home devices, compile shopping lists, play music and more.