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Getting Started with Home Surveillance

There's nothing quite as valuable as peace of mind. And with one of today's state-of-the-art home security systems, you can rest easy knowing your family and property are protected. At Best Buy, we can help you find a wireless camera system that's right for both the layout of your home and your unique surveillance needs.

Security System Considerations

Security systems have evolved over the years. With so much new technology to choose from, it's helpful to take a step back and ask yourself some simple questions about what you want from a surveillance system. First off, do you need to monitor both the inside and outside of your home? There are security cameras and systems made specifically to work indoors, outdoors or both.

Next, ask yourself how you'll be using your surveillance system. Will you be using it at night? Consider a camera with night vision. Do you want remote monitoring to access your system when out and about? With all of the smart home products now available, you can choose a system that can connect to your smartphone. Will you be using cameras in a place that exposes them to the elements? You'll want water-resistant housing. Do you need to record sound as well as video? Look for a system with a built-in microphone. How many areas will you need to monitor? Camera systems come with anywhere from 1 to 16 cameras included, and many allow you to add cameras to your system in the future.

Finally, think about some of the often-overlooked but very powerful features of many home security systems and cameras. Motion sensors mean you only need to record when something happens. Memory card slots help ensure you don't run out of storage. Optical zoom can mean the difference between missing and capturing valuable information. Remote controls simplify adjustments. And perhaps most important of all, wireless networking systems make setup far easier make for a reliable connection and far easier setup.