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Buying a Security Camera System

What a Home Security Camera System Can Do for You

You may be wondering if you really need a home security camera system. With today's technology, home surveillance systems can be valuable tools for helping you keep a watchful eye on your home, possessions, pets and loved ones 24/7. They can also offer a measure of fire protection, and some models will contact emergency first responders on your behalf. You can strategically place cameras almost anywhere on your property to check up on what's going on at home, even when you are away. An outdoor wireless security camera system can also be an effective deterrent for criminals and vandals, while an indoor home camera system can be used to keep an eye on activity inside your home, or in your place of business.

Other Home Surveillance System Considerations

You may want to select one of the home security camera systems that can be configured for remote monitoring using a compatible app on your smartphone, or if it's more convenient for you, on your laptop or tablet. Many cameras are capable of live streaming real-time video to your phone, or to the digital video recorder that often comes standard as a part of a surveillance system. You'll also want to consider the capabilities of the system you choose. Night vision can prove very beneficial, since criminal activity, and for that matter much pet activity, often happens at night. Some cameras receive (and record) sound, while others receive and send sound, doubling as intercoms. And the best security camera system will alert you the instant motion is detected. Field of view, the area each surveillance camera shows, is another feature to factor in to your selection, along with specialties like pan-tilt-zoom, day/night modes, remote control and 4K UHD capability. Also important to the selection process is a determination of how many cameras you'll need in order to provide adequate coverage, which is generally one to ten. Plus, while color footage isn't a requirement in most security situations, it's good to keep in mind that high definition could be important, since the higher the resolution the camera provides, the better defined the images.

Choosing the Best Security Camera System

Bullet cameras are the familiar tube-shaped cameras that you may often see used in residential or commercial applications. A bullet camera can be the size of a tube of lip gloss or the size of a soda can, and can easily be wall-mounted. Dome cameras are ceiling-mounted security cams, either fixed in place, or remotely controlled to pan, tilt and zoom for a closer look. There are many other camera types, sizes, and systems to choose from, all of which help you to keep an eye on what matters most.

A wired security camera system, while often more complex to install, is generally more noticeable, and for the most part provides the clearest picture and most reliable service. Wireless security camera systems have become very popular because they tend to offer more location flexibility. An additional benefit of a wireless camera system is that most can be easily integrated into existing home automation systems and smart home setups to coordinate with smart control of lights, smart locks and smart thermostats to deliver extra layers of security.

For help with wired security camera installation, don't hesitate to call on the professionals at Geek Squad®, who can recommend solutions that will get you the best home security camera system for your needs, as well as provide services to position, install and conceal your security cameras, configure your DVR, and connect everything to your network.