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Buying an iPhone 6 Plus Case

iPhone 6 Plus Case: How to Choose One for Your Phone

Choosing the right iPhone 6 Plus phone case can be a tricky task. Whether you're more concerned about protecting your device or showing off your personal style, there are a wide variety of cases to choose from that will meet your needs. If you're prone to dropping things or use your phone outdoors a lot, you might want to consider a case that's shock absorbent, shock resistant, or scratch resistant. Choosing a phone case that has a non-slip grip will make your phone easier to hold so it's less likely to accidentally slip out of your hands.

Best Buy offers plenty of other handy accessories to choose from that will be compatible with your iPhone 6 Plus even while it has a case attached. An iPhone car mount is compatible with your iPhone 6 Plus case so you can easily keep your phone in view while you use its GPS or control your music in the car. A cell phone dock is a great way to charge your phone while holding it upright so you can prop it on a desk or counter for easy viewing and hands-free calling at work or at home.

Show Your Style with an iPhone 6 Plus Case

iPhone 6 Plus cases come in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials to help you show off your individual style and personality. Whether you want a simple, clear iPhone 6 Plus case that shows off your iPhone's sleek design, or something colorful to show off your bold style, there's an iPhone 6 Plus case for everyone. If you frequently use headphones with your phone, you might want to pick up some true wireless earbuds that will allow you to enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, and videos on your iPhone 6 Plus without needing to worry about whether you have a headphone adapter for your wired headphones. If you want to improve your selfie game or start taking more group photos with friends, consider checking out our assortment of Bluetooth selfie sticks to use with your phone.