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  14. Model:PLC1001

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Buying Lights

Choosing the Best Lighting Solutions for You

As you can see from the selection on these pages, the lighting category is a very diverse one. Besides lights for your home, you can also find personal lights here, as well as lighting and effects for DJs, night lighting, and wearable lights. That’s why it’s a good idea to start your browsing armed with answers to some basic questions. For instance, which room are you outfitting, what types of lights do you prefer, and what are the applicable space measurements? If you’re looking for bedroom light fixtures, do you want statement makers, or are you partial to either LED lights for bedroom or more traditional bedroom wall lights? If kitchen lighting is on your list, do you favor fluorescent kitchen lights or LED kitchen ceiling lights that will provide the ideal brightness for meal preparation? And will your decor be enhanced by kitchen under cabinet lighting or over kitchen sink lighting?

If bathroom lights are needed, does that mean well-placed vanity lights to help with getting ready? Are you looking to upgrade the laundry room lights, dining room light fixtures or entertainment room lights? Does the living room lighting design you envision include ceiling lights? Or are you more of a floor lighting admirer, and if so, do you have conveniently located wall outlets? Will you require additional power cords or strips? If you’re looking for solar outdoor lighting, you may also need to get rechargeable batteries to provide the cordless power.

Getting the Most from Your Home Lighting

Along with determining which types and styles of lighting maximize your personal style, you may also want to consider how you can include Wi-Fi light bulbs in your home network design to allow you to customize, schedule and remotely control your room lights. Another option is to use smart or Wi-Fi light switches to act as a control center for an entire room, or even multiple rooms. They give you the ability to turn a large number of conventional bulbs into internet-capable bulbs, whether they’re located in a ceiling light fixture, a desk lamp, or LED kitchen lighting. Either way, you can control the lights with your smart device, or you can use your voice assistant of choice to operate your lights with just a voice command.