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Used Cell Phones that Are New to You

Used Phones: What You Should Know

"Should I get a used iPhone or any of the used cell phones?" is a common question from those considering upgrading their current cell phone. Do the pros of buying used outweigh the cons? And what are the differences between used cell phones, pre-owned cell phones and refurbished cell phones? Though definitions can vary, generally, used cell phones come from private sellers, while pre-owned cell phones like the ones offered here at Best Buy have been wiped clean of data, and tested and certified to be refurbished to full functionality, in like-new condition. These phones generally come with a limited warranty, which in the case of most certified pre-owned phones at Best Buy, is one year on parts and labor.

When you select one of the refurbished cell phones, you can often get more bang for your cell phone buck, including perhaps a newer model, more memory, a better camera and more features than your budget would otherwise allow. Another thing to consider is that most refurbished phones are unlocked, which means they're not tied to a specific carrier or contract, affording you the opportunity to shop for the cell phone plan that's best for you. If you prefer, it is possible to find Verizon refurbished phones, AT&T refurbished phones and T-Mobile refurbished phones, for example, but unlocked phones are the choice of many overseas travelers because they allow saving with local rates. And finally, for some, buying used phones contributes an environmental benefit since a phone kept in circulation is less likely to end up in a landfill.

What Is the Best Brand of Pre-owned Cell Phone?

The best pre-owned smartphone for you is the one with the features that you want, and the price you can afford. The selection of refurbished phones varies at any moment in time, so you'll have to see what's available when you're ready to buy. Whether you choose a refurbished iPhone 6, or any other refurbished iPhone, or the Samsung Galaxy S5, or any other refurbished Galaxy, or a different brand that you prefer, you'll want to select the phone that's right for you. Consider the look you prefer, the screen size you want, the camera quality you're looking for, and the functionality that will most contribute to enhancing your lifestyle.

Getting the Most Out of Refurbished Phones

Just like with a new cell phone, there are a few accessories that will help you optimize the utility of your phone. Wireless, comfortable and stable Bluetooth headphones will give you the freedom to receive calls wirelessly, and also conveniently access the music, podcasts and other audio on your phone, while avoiding tangled cords. You might also find that it makes sense to get a portable charger or power pack to help you avoid the chagrin that accompanies an unexpectedly dead phone. In order to keep your used phone looking new, you will likely want to get a phone case to protect it from scratches and dents. Likewise, many enlist the aid of a screen protector to protect their investment from a scratched, dented or broken touchscreen.