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Buying a Business Laptop

What Differentiates a Business Laptop?

Since business laptop computers can be called on to do everything from editing and creating presentations and videos, to working with high-grade graphics, to running specific, detailed applications and compatible software programs, they generally require more memory and a more powerful processor than their home laptop counterparts. On the other hand, unless you've got a home office, personal laptops are usually tasked with relatively light computing duties that might include e-mail, surfing the Web, word processing and executing home finance programs. Business laptops also must have the type and number of ports needed to accommodate work needs, like connecting a projector or presenting on a screen, for instance, along with the durability to stand up to daily use without frequent trips to the repair shop.

Benefits of Work Laptops for Remote Employees

Whether for employees of a big corporation or a small business, laptops are proving to be the advantageous choice for staff members that perform at least some of their work tasks remotely. Since work laptops are extremely portable, and getting more portable all the time, they're ideal for employees that telecommute, travel for the job or spend part of the week working out of the office. For that reason, they also enable employees to work their most productive schedule, which may include time before and after normal, in-office work shifts. Plus, company-provided business laptops help keep proprietary information more secure, since there is no need for company data on a wide variety of home computers. Additionally, they allow standardization of support, maintenance and repair processes for better overall efficiency, and less downtime.

Many employees use a wireless scanner with their work laptop to capture and send documents, images, receipts, and other business notes or files they need when they're out of the office. Plus for many, a mobile hotspot is essential gear, so as to quickly connect to the Internet without the hassle of hunting around for available Wi-Fi. Finally, for those that transport their laptop from one place to next, a laptop bag provides convenience, organization and protection.

Advantages of Laptops for Office Employees

Even for employees that primarily work in the office, many businesses utilize workstation laptops instead of desktops for a number of reasons. Business laptop computers are lightweight and mobile, making them easy to transport wherever they're needed for presentations, note-taking or meetings. And, when used with Wi-Fi extenders that effectively double the coverage area and eliminate "dead zones," they can be used in the far corners of the building or even out in the yard. Another advantage of workstation laptops is that they have a smaller footprint than desktops, freeing up workspace area for improved efficiency. Plus, if diagnostics or repairs are needed, laptops are easier to transport to the company repair station. For employees who prefer to leave their computer in the office overnight, the use of a laptop lock makes work laptops at least as secure as desktop computers.

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