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Buying an iPhone 6s Plus Phone Case

Choosing the Best iPhone 6s Plus Case for You

In today’s cell phone-centric world, getting a smartphone can be a very happy event, but accidentally dropping your phone, then seeing the beautiful retina-display become a spiderweb of cracked glass, can be a horrifying moment. One way to reduce the risk of damage from an accidental drop is with an iPhone 6s Plus protective case. Thanks to the big selection here at Best Buy, you’re sure to find the iPhone 6s Plus phone case that’s ideal for you.

Since pretty much any case you choose can protect your phone against bumps, drops, scratches and everyday wear-and-tear, the best iPhone 6s Plus case for you is one that reflects either your personal sense of style, your lifestyle, or both. For instance, you can select a case made of materials you prefer, like tough polycarbonate, polyester, wood veneer or leather. Or, if you’d rather not cover up your phone’s clean lines and pleasing design, go with an iPhone 6s Plus clear case. If you work outside or spend a lot of your free time adventuring outdoors, a rugged case that also offers protection against wind and rain may be the best fit. Or, perhaps consider an iPhone 6s Plus wallet case that not only provides security and convenience, but also holds credit cards or cash. For added security against accidental drops, you might also want to get a cell phone grip that adheres to your iPhone 6s Plus phone case, to secure your grip while you’re texting or snapping a selfie, or to prop up your phone for watching the latest cat-plays-piano video. Whichever case you choose, you can be confident it will work with one of the available portable chargers or power packs that you may want to take with you on the go so you’re never stuck without a working phone.

Getting the Most Out of Your iPhone 6s Plus Case

It’s good news that you don’t have to remove your iPhone 6s Plus case to use accessories with your smartphone. Though later edition Apple iPhones ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of a Lightning port, the iPhone 6s Plus has one, so you can easily connect your wired headphones with your case in place. Or, if you prefer, you can still listen to music, watch a movie or catch up on the latest podcast using wireless headphones. If you need microphone capability for completing phone calls, you might want to use a wireless cell phone headset. Finally, if you’re an avid photo taker, you may find a cell phone tripod useful, such as one with Bluetooth for selfies, or a stabilizer mount you can use for live streaming and other projects. In any event, your iPhone 6s Plus protective case will make it easy to do whatever activities you’re pursuing, while offering protection for your cell phone investment.