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Adding Whole Home Wi-Fi

What Is Mesh Wi-Fi?

If you're struggling with dead spots in your wireless network, own a large home, or just need a stronger wireless signal, mesh Wi-Fi technology can help. Unlike a traditional router, which broadcasts its signal from a single point, a mesh network broadcasts the signal from multiple access points throughout your home. Each access point captures the router's signal and rebroadcasts it to cover every area of your home — even as far away as your garage, patio and yard.

Creating a Smart Home with Your Mesh Network

A strong mesh network is especially important if you want to integrate Wi-Fi-connected products into your home, such as smart locks, smart lighting and smart sprinklers. Smart home devices can help make life more convenient, such as making it easy to let guests into your home remotely with a smart lock. They can also help you save energy, with a Wi-Fi thermostat, and help keep your family safe, with a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector.

The more devices you have connected to your network, however, the stronger your network needs to be in order to handle all of the traffic. A mesh router can provide the extra network coverage you need.

Securing Your Mesh Network

Keeping your information safe from cyber attacks and protecting your privacy is important in today's world. Setting up a network firewall helps to safeguard against intruders and protect your private information. A firewall works by blocking content that appears to be inappropriate, untrusted or malicious.

To protect your kids from accessing inappropriate websites, you can use your mesh router to set up parental controls. You'll be able to control which types of content they can access, set limits on Internet access or turn it off when needed.

If you need help installing and securing your home mesh network, Geek Squad® offers home Wi-Fi installation services to help you get everything up and running.